Myanmar Weather December

Weather in Myanmar December

In December sunny, dry weather and a clear blue sky returned to Yangon. Weather in Myeik in December is generally hot and dry. Will the climate in Myanmar be good in December? Mean temperature, sunshine, precipitation, wind and wave conditions for Ngapali Beach, Myanmar in December. The months of November, December, January and February are the dry season, when temperatures and precipitation are lowest.

Weather in Myanmar in December - Cool and peak month

It is a cold summer in December, especially in the high country and the spurs. Weather' s arid and the temperature is moderat. It' high time in Myanmar. Weather' s fantastic. Averages day and night temperature are 37°C (99°F) and 26°C (79°F). In Myanmar, you can also visit the city' s historic city hall, secretariat, minister's office, beach hotel and high court building.

This building will remind you of the long and enigmatic Myanmar story. Clothes: Take waistcoats, trousers, shorts, suncream, umbrellas, sun visors and long-sleeved jackets. Weather conditions are great for travelling with day and night mean temperature of 91°F (33°C) and 66°F (19°C). There is also the opportunity to discover the Zegyo Market's cultural heritage.

Clothes: Take waistcoats, T-shirts, short, long-sleeved shirt, trousers, sun cream and a sun hat. One of the best seasons for travelling in Bagan, with comfortable and cold weather. Mean temperature for rainy season is 91°F (33°C) and 70°F (21°C). There' s a lot of daylight for outside activity, with an 11 hour daily mean daylight.

In this beautiful weather you can take a coach ride to discover Bagan. To enjoy a sundown from the Shwesandaw Pagoda is a must, as it is known as the "sunset temple". Clothes: Take T-shirts, waistcoats, short, a thin cloak, trousers, suntan lotion and a sun hat. Lake Inle is colder than other places with mean temperature of 27°C (81°F) and 11°C (52°F).

Guests can enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside and lakes. Visit the Vineyard to sample the locals reds. There are nine different types of wines made from domestic vines. Apparel: Use a sun hat, waistcoats, short, T-shirts, sneakers, a thin cloak, trousers, long-sleeved skirts and suntan. It is quite warm during the afternoon with an daily mean of 34°C (93°F).

Apparel: Use a wide-brimmed cap, waistcoats, shorts, tees, a bathing suit, a sandal, a thin cloak and sun protection. It is a three-day celebration that takes place in Monywa (136 kilometres to the north-west of Mandalay). 9,000 Candle Festival: It takes place in the Golden Rock Pagoda, about 210 kilometres from Yangon. On a full-monday with 9,000 burning candlelight, it is thought that those who consume a blended lettuce of maezalian bud at night may have mighty and magic qualities.

Full lunar feast of Tasaungmon (the Feast of Lights): It' a full Monday celebration all over the country. Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda Festival: It is a 1-day celebration held in Sagaing (not far from Mandalay). Celebration of the Spektacled Buddha Image Festival: It takes place for a whole weekend in the city of Shwedaung, about 9 km from Pyay on the Yangon highway.

It' a celebration all over the nation on December 25. After Buddhism, Christianity is the second biggest one in Myanmar..... San Daw Shin Pagoda: It is a 1-week long celebration near Sittway, in the western part of the island of Pha-yan-ga, Rakhine State. It is devoted to a much respected Rakhine Empress, Saw Me-kyi.

There is no way to bring a shape representing a lizard and an orchid into the area of the coupon. About Myanmar in December? It is the perfect period to explore Myanmar and there are the best all-round facilities, with beautiful scenery, good roads and temperate temperature.

There' is a wide range of festivities to enjoy and where you can get to know the country's people. Be respectful of your own cultural heritage when you participate in the various festivities.

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