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Burma Weather

Much of Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: Here we provide live weather, forecasts and averages for cities in Myanmar. The village of Kyauk Tan lies on the Pathein River outside the town of Ngapudaw in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady River region. Find out more about cruises to the port of Thilawa (Rangoon), Myanmar!

October Weather - Myanmar Forum

Exactly where are you going in October? At the end of October we drove from Bagan to Bhamo, with a few day starting in Yangon. Use this weather website, which shows average values for different Myanmar locations, click on the little bluish ">Myanmar" to go to other cities. it looks like you need C&P!

What is the weather like in July/August? - Forum Myanmar

What is the weather like in July/August? It' the monsoon or wet seasons in Burma from around the end of June to around mid-October. So, July - August is falling into the center. In July/August the rainfall is really intense, as if it were falling, it is deluge-like; just like being in front of a cascade.

Jul-August is one of the best times to travel to Bagan, the antique Burmese capitol with its hundred shrines and caves.

September Weather - Myanmar Forum

Hello, can anyone give advice on the weather in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake in early September? It' still raining? So September is not a good holiday period because it rains most of the year? When you look at the links, you will see that the peak moon period is over and although it can be raining a few in Yangon every few hour, it is much dryer on December in Mandalay on all three.

I' ve searched the website for a Myanmar based agency. Is there an offical resource or rankings for Myanmar tourist representatives? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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