Myanmar Water Festival 2016

Burma Water Festival 2016

Myanmar's'Thingyan' water festival begins for five days with mass water fights and street festivals. The Myanmar Royal Thingyan Festival hour of operation. The Thingyan Water Festival starts in Myanmar. "Row Together In God's Love2016-05-27 "Encounters". China-Burmese identities, ethnic politics and public appearances in.

Waterproof & New Year April 2016 - Myanmar Message Board

I' m going to travel to Burma from April 16 to April 26, 2016 and have been reading that Burma will have a nationwide water festival & New Year's Day celebration from April 13 to 20, 2016. I' ve been reading that almost everything is closed for the water festival (shops, transportation and restaurants), but is it the same for New Year's Day from 17 to 20 April?

Is it just from the thirteenth to the sixteenth? Banks in Myanmar will be closed during the New Year holidays (11-20 April). Arriving on 16 April is the last date of the water festival & It is possible to take anything after 17 April. Nearly everything works on April 18, except government agencies and banks!

Myanmar's water festival begins - Xinhua

YANGON, April 13 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar's Thingyan Water Festival began on Monday in Yangon with vibrant water canning activity throughout the town. Opening ceremony of the water festival was opened this spring at two large water cannon sandals of the Yangon Region Government Office and YangonCityHall.

The Yangon Region Chief Minister U Myint Swe and Yangon Mayor U Hla Myint prolonged Thingyan New Year's greetings and revealed shelters. The Thingyan Water Festival's opening ceremony in Yangon was underscored by dance and culture groups dressed in colourful clothing. There were many paths and alleys full of dancers and watering each other.

More than 200 large and small water cannons were built to mark the festival. The majority of the big water tossing sandals are situated on two major streets in the town, the Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and the Kandawgyi Road. Yangon is also home to a Rakhine Water Festival, where young men and girls meet in long craft and soak each other with water.

The annual Thuringyan Water Festival lasts four nights until Thursday and the nation will herald the New Year in Myanmar on Friday. Not only is water a tidy and healthy thing, it is also a sign of happiness. Myanmarans believe that the Water Festival can overcome evils and sins, and prepare themselves for a serene year.

Of the 12 festivities in the state, the Thinkgyan Water Festival is the largest that brings tranquillity and wealth to the people.

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