Myanmar was Earlier known as

Burma was formerly known as

PREHISTORIC MYANMAR AND ANCIENT BURMESE HISTORY. Come with us and experience the history and culture of Myanmar. Consequently, Myanmar was little known and hardly understood. Burma's pillar, as Myanmar was formerly called. The Rohingya et pourquoi je ne l'ai pas vu plus tôt.

In a nutshell, Burma's leaders tell Suu Kyi not to call it Burma.

Myanmar has a more profound and comprehensive story, they said. The use of the old name Burma repeatedly during their visits to the UK and Norway this past months has angered leading officials who rebuked it in the New Light of Myanmar paper early this weeks. "Australians have begun to use Myanmar, the Americans have suggested it, and I expect Britain will be the last country to do so.

However, I think Myanmar will be acceptable by the end of the year, if nothing happens," he said.

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Burma/Myanmar: Things everyone needs to know® - David Steinberg

However, what has happened in Myanmar since the November 2010 election has fundamentally changed the inner moods of Myanmar and has astonished even Myanmar's experienced international witness. Pre-electoral gloom and the election results, which led many international commentators to call it "sham" or "fraud", slowly gave way to the recognition that there was a definite shift in the poll.

Burma/Myanmar is strategically located between the emerging economies of China and India.

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