Myanmar vs Thailand Travel

Burma vs. Thailand Travel

In Myanmar it's called Thingyan, while in Thailand it's called Songkran. Guided vs. solo tours: What to choose. Myanmar After Thailand or Vietnam you can visit Ngapali - one of the most rewarding beaches in Myanmar. Travel experts from Australia to China, Vietnam, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan and beyond.


Burma or Thailand - Which one should be the first?

Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand are two different Asian nations (Southeast Asia or Indochina). There are two very long borders (2,416 kilometres) between the two states. They are both on the South East Asian peninsula. Residents of both lands believe in Hinayana Buddhism. The Khmer civilization has a strong influence on both of them.

Prior to Thailand becoming a United Kingdom, most areas were ruled by the Khmer Empire for a long period of and the Khmer civilization has a great impact on these areas. During the eleventh and seventeenth centuries, the area that now forms the borders with Thailand and Myanmar was conquered by the Bagan dynasty (Myanmar) and a large number of craftsmen were imprisoned to construct them.

For this reason, the pagoda's architecture and civilization were strongly affected. While the most important festivals in both is the same, the name is different. Myanmar is Thingyan, while Thailand is Songkran. Both will be held in mid-April, and the festivities marking the beginning of the new year in both states.

You have similar touristic sites (temples, cultural and sandy beaches). In these two lands there are three different seasons: the hottest (March and April), the wet one ( "May to October") and the cold one ( "November to February"). Trave ExperienceTourism is in its infancy. Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips.

The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Burma or Cambodia: Which way should you go first?

So where do you start in South-East Asia? So should you go to the buried gemstones in Myanmar? The famous temple in Siam Reap? Myanmar can be quite a shocker if you've never been to South-East Asia. It' s one of the least advanced South East Asia as far as infrastructures are concerned, and it' s not as inexpensive as its neighbours.

But if you have an adventure-loving spirit and a penchant for busy market towns, charming seas and temple-laden desert, Myanmar might be the place for you. Bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand, it is home to over 100 nationalities. A journey through Myanmar needs a while.

While most travelers come to Myanmar to see Bagan and the Shwedagon Pagoda, which are obviously amazing, some of the best places are off the well-trodden paths. Myanmar is less touristic than Cambodia because it has only recently opened up to tourists. It has many rides and between October and March the north half of Myanmar is quite cold.

Cambodia is much more popular than Myanmar. Phnom Penh, the capitol, has the Royal Palace, the National Museum and many delights. The Angkor Wat, the stony sanctuary building during the Khmer Empire, competing with Myanmar's Baganmar for magnificent sundowns. Behind Cambodia's shrines hides a secret and a intricate story; quaint fishermen's towns punctuate the palm-fringed coastline.

The best thing about traveling in Cambodia is to hear people's tales of the country's upheaval. Cambodia is a modern Cambodia that originated in the Khmer Empire that once ruled present-day Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. If you travel through Cambodia, your lodging is less expensive than in Myanmar. Road congestion remains, but Cambodia has a nationwide motorway system that has been improving in recent years.

They are both interesting because their history has made them less available than neighbouring Thailand. Cambodia could be a better place to relax in Southeast Asia if you don't have enough times to do both. But the two are so different, with such astonishing experience and so much to study that a trip to both of them would be perfect.

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