Myanmar vs Muslim

Burma against Muslims

In this volume we examine the relationship between Islam and the state in the Buddhist majority of Myanmar from both an empirical and comparative perspective. Muslim Rohingya refugees cross Bangladesh from Myanmar in great danger. México approaching the goal against Brazil. " Myanmar is a Buddhist country," he explained. Muslim men and boys in a village in western Myanmar's Rakhine State.

In Myanmar, why do Buddhists and Muslims fight?

The two biggest events leading to the present tensions between Buddhists and Muslims, I believe, are the case of Rohingya Muslims, which has occurred in the State of Arakan, and the Meikhtila case. For the Rohingya Muslims, the primary cause is definitely not because they are Muslims. Rohingyas argue that they have lived in the land for generation, while Burma's people argue that they are illegals, deserving of Bengali descent and not as one of the country's nationally based ethnical groups, nor should they be eligible for any kind of nationality.

In addition, it attracted attention when one of the BBC Myanmar article showed an image of the land in which "Rohingyas" was portrayed as the ethnical group of the state of Arakan and not the Arkans. Ethnical group that should represent the Arakan state is the Arakan itself, period). Unfortunately, this topic is naive considered as a Myanmar nation against Muslims.

The Rohingyas happen to be Muslims. There are also peaceful Muslims throughout the land, and even in the state of Arakan there are Muslims who have nothing to do with Rohingyas. There is the Meikhtila case, which was the result of an accident between a Muslim jeweller and two clients in Burma.

The bodily harm led to the deaths of one of the clients. There was a rapid escalation to some force between the indigenous Buddhists and Muslims of Meikhtila. When the Rohingyas question first came up about a year ago, I was a little unbelieving. Mostly I ascribed general domestic cultist abuse that can often break out in places in Southeast Asia and not only in Burma.

However, the recent rise in such acts of religion has led me to take a close look and the image that is becoming more worrying. But when I hear about a small group of Buddhist friars who triggered the tension[ 1] and then saw this tape, in which you can see clearly how a few friars participated in the real brutality, I got nauseous as a Burmese and a Buddhist.

They do not address the key issue of why human beings struggle for cultural and cultural diversity. However, it is a disappointment, especially when you see that the value of his religion is so vividly degraded by those who are to defend it. Nationalist Buddhists want to make Myanmar a fully functional Tibet.

Only because they are Muslims and for no other reasons. Whole Muslim communities have been struck off the grid. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the rest of the world remains listless about the death of Muslims in Myanmar. There are those who actually seem to think that the reduction of the Muslim community is a good thing.

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