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The Myanmar points service is real-time and updated live. This country, known in English as both Myanmar and Burma, has seen changes in its official and popular names worldwide. Receive a report of the international friendly between Myanmar and Oman. And the little bit more it took in the organization against Thailand really paid off. You' re on the page where you can compare Myanmar and Macau before you start the game.

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The General Business Conditions are valid. Refunds on loss of scorers, goal scorers, half-time/full-time or scorecast betting for any 0-0 final outlay. Betting limits and general conditions of sale are applicable. Support a winning squad to get the prize and get a reimbursement if your penalty shoot-out finish. Valid for lost Pre-Match Wins and Each Way betting on the To W win Outright Championship 2018 markets.

Betting limits and general conditions of sale are applicable. The General Business Conditions are valid.

Burma against Vietnam, Kampuchea and Ljubljana - Myanmar Message Board

Visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for a whole months. I had in mind a two-week journey to Myanmar. They have evolved in different ways, I think, because of their different recent history of Myanmar being so covert. Prost, I am living in Thailand, lived in Cambodia, I love Myanmar despite (and also because of) its missing and/or bad infrastructures; also because of its beautiful humans, amazing historic places and its astonishingly varied vegetation.

Viet Nam is beautiful and much more advanced. I' m going to Laos. Just visiting Vietnam and Myanmar and loving them both. Traveled a lot, but if a vacation had these'moments of life', I'd have to say Myanmar. That you can go'off road' and that you can go to any one of them without having to be paid or led for it was such a liberty that you don't often find in the contemporary age.

Burma is hell on Earth!

The SEA Games Showdown: Burma against Thailand

Tonight Myanmar will be playing Thailand in the finals of the Southeast Asia Games at Singapore National Stadium. They' ll be starting out as outsiders, but they know that winning would be another important milestone towards a Golden Age of the game. Her fifth and last of five successive wins at the Southeast Asia Peninsula Games came to Singapore in 1973, marking the end of a domination era that featured two Olympic Games goldmedals, a second place in the Asia Cup and an Olympic Games in 1972.

In order to beat them, they must defeat a Thai team that defeated Indonesia 5-0 in the semi-finals and dominate South East Asia since their last SEA Games in Myanmar. Of the 20 available since 1973, they have won 13 in Singapore in 1993 and Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand in 2007 - the only time Myanmar has achieved this level since 1973.

I' m hoping our side can become champions," said Myanmar trainer Kyi Lwin - a 1993 winner of the 1993 medal - after their win over Vietnam on 13 June, which put them in the play-off. "I' d like to thank the gamers and supporters for having helped Myanmar make it to this final," he added.

Myanmar made it to the finals with a 2-1 defeat of Vietnam, scoring for Nay Lin Tun. "It' s a very important triumph and bringing Myanmar to the SEA Games finals will be the unforgettable part of my career," he said to the post-match media.

Myanmar saw the match in its own half for most of the match and looked prone to counterattack as they moved forward. The goalkeeper was sent in the right direction to take Myanmar into half-time. Viet Nam kept up its pressures when it came back in the second half of the year.

The goalkeeper Mac Hong Quan came near the goal and repeatedly compelled Myanmar's goalkeeper to save his group. When Nguyen Huy Hung distracted his effort from the tibia of a Myanmar defence counsel, the volley hit the trail of Vo Huy Toan, who was not marked, to take the lead in the 1972nd game.

While Vietnam kept pushing the match and Kyaw Zin Phyo kept impressing between the poles, Myanmar took back the advantage by 10 mins. The gunshot was diverted by the boots of Vietnam defence counsel Nguyen Thanh Hein and fired beyond the outreach of goalkeeper Phi Minh Long, making the National Stadium tremble.

"I' d like to thank the supporters for having helped Myanmar make it to the final," said Kyi Lwin, talking about the large proportion of the 20,022 spectators. "Burma has focused on a proactive stance. They didn't have to go for it when they scored," said Vietnam Japan coach Toshiya Miura, who will now be playing Indonesia for the playoff.

Asked about the comparison between Myanmar and Thailand, the Indonesia trainer replied with fists that Thailand went one stage beyond Myanmar's U23. However, Thailand trainer Promrut Choketawee said with a lecture by supporters and parts of the Thai ASEAN Barcelona media that he would not let his opponents down.

"We are now aiming for SEA games.... Now there are only two sides left and both will win," said the Thai coaches.

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