Myanmar Voa today

Burma Voa today

Burma Thailand and Malaysia have had a hard time getting Myanmar officials to negotiate. "I am very dissatisfied with the results today," she told VOA. To download the VOA application form, click here. Tonight the newspaper might feel like a student rag supervised by eccentrics -- in a field. Soeoo' s next hearing today, a summary of the case so far:

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Voice-of-America seeds doubt Myanmar Rohingya's ethnical purge is genuine

Voice of America (VOA), in an e-mail to many Americans who are members of the English-language intelligence agency, raises questions as to whether the racial cleanup of Myanmar (formerly Burma), the Rohingya Islamic minorities, is a reality and brag about interviews with Myanmar's ambassador to the United States.

Aung Lynn gave the Voice of America his wrong allegations and sluggish pretexts, but VOA still gave them far more consideration than they deserved from any unrelated newsgroup. The voice of America. VOA Principal Amanda Bennett, her assistant Sandy Sugawara and her chief, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chief Executive John Lansing and VOA journalists and writers should have studied the English images of the burnt-out Rohingya village in Myanmar.

"Satellite imagery shows more than 200 burnt Rohingya settlements in Myanmar." The VOA should have known and pointed out that cremating whole communities in reaction to a few assaults by some fighters and urging the whole community to leave them is not "false news". Knowing about the story at VOA is bad these times, but this Voice of America e-mail is really embarrassing.

Whilst it is truely the case that VOA also made allegations of ethnical cleansing in the same account, the stunning focal point of the VOA e-mail and to some extent the VOA bulletin was to present the regime's formal stance in Myanmar, to reiterate its misplaced publicity and to cast doubts on the accuracy of accounts of ethnical clean-up.

The BBG/VOA leaders, writers and journalists have no clue what effects the hearings of US government officers have, which are reiterated by the United States press without great challenges for the people. It' s truly disgraceful that under its present leadership the Voice of America, a US taxpayer-funded organisation of the US administration, once on the side of the victim of violations of human freedoms and the reality of its hardship, has taken an ambiguous stance against oppressive modes, be it in Burma or China.

Now it' Myanmar's turn. Anyone who knows what interests BBG and VOA officers in China and Myanmar are trying to defend, be it companies run by BBG officers in private or by their family, or rebroadcasts of pre-censored VOA programmes in Myanmar under a deal with State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, whose Nobel Peace Prize now seems much less deserving.

We do not say that shamelessly misrepresentations by twisted Myanmar authorities or perpetrators of violations of human rights should be ignored. The work of the Voice of America these very day is not worthy of well-informed and impartial journalists. The VOA director Amanda Bennett, her assistant Sandy Sugawara and BBG CEO John Lansing, who is finally in charge of running the office, which costs US tax payers around $740 million a year, should take full account of these and many other mistakes of a media and administrative character on the Voice of America and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

All of them were chosen during the Obama administration and are still responsible for the Voice of America. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, appointed by President Trump, called for an end to the fighting and talked about the need "to deal with profoundly worrying claims of violation and violation of people.

Obviously, Secretary Tillerson does not consider these claims to be "fake messages," as the Voice of America has emphatically proposed. It is the task of well-funded BBG and VOA leaders and reporters to respond to questions posed to the public, not to ask them without giving a clear response or questioning serious atrocities.

That is what the Voice of America said in its e-mail "Today@VOA: Is Rohingya Krisis Notice: Is Rohingya Notice: Is Rohingya Notice: Rohingya Notice:

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