Myanmar Visitor information

Burma Visitor Information

Find out more about visitor information before you travel to Myanmar. Below is a selection of travel information on Myanmar that we hope will be useful before you travel. The Myanmar Travel Guide Myanmar has three seasons. With the exception of September, however, one should not be deterred during this time, as Burma has a lot to offer throughout the year. Passengers to Myanmar needed a visa.

Burma travel information and tours

Myanmar, the land formerly known as Burma, is one of the few truly unique journeys in this much-traveled underworld. This decade-long socioeconomic insulation has retained many of the long-standing characteristics of physics and culture that have been forgotten in other Asiatic lands. Burma is a fascinating tourist region - for its variety of sights, for the richness of both the culture and landscape, and above all for the warmness and kindness of its enchanting population.

Myanmar's early civilisation goes back to the fifth and peaked in the eleventh and fifteenth centuries. It is a land of great natural geo-physical variety, with landscapes ranging from the wide mediterranean farmlands to the snow-capped northern mountain ranges.

A large part of the country's appeal is in its past and artistry. Burma is at the crossroads of two of the world's great civilisations, China and India, but it mixes these two with its very own particularities. Humans have maintained traditionally held beliefs in their religions, with a narrow system of families and a deep reverence for the Ancients.

Burmese society is full of joy and celebrations are the center of Myanmar's society, with each and every monthly celebration having its own special kick. Burmese are also known for their warm welcome and kindness to the visitor. To this end, we have put together an easy-to-navigate section of information on Myanmar.

Find out more about Myanmar's heritage and heritage, eating and drinking, and what to pack in your bag. Find out more about Myanmar's natural and animal life, meteorology and geographical conditions, along with the Country Quick Facts put together by our tourism team. The Globetrotter Advice, as well as our visas and medical information, will help you prepare for a secure and pleasant journey.

Myanmar is the only way to find out more is to go on the trip and discover Myanmar for yourself. Begin your exploration trip.... today you can still reserve one of our Myanmar-trips! You should take your free moment to explore other places after your Myanmar trip. Select from a small group trip, a Myanmar core trip, an autonomous trip engine, and more.

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