Myanmar Visitor information

Burma Visitor Information

A valid passport with entry visa is required for all visitors. You can find further information under Zika Travel Information. Provides information on the main tourist attractions and destinations in southern Myanmar to help you plan your itinerary. Burma is a land of ancient religious relics that brought greatness and architectural sophistication. Burma travel information media, Yangon, Myanmar.

Important information and advice

Burma is full of kind and supportive individuals. However, it is important to know that due to decade-long external isolations, many day-to-day business and travel will take much longer than elsewhere; some may not be possible at all; and you may have to be tolerant of an obsolete piece of tech and the speed of living in general.

The purpose of this section is to help you get ready for your journey and give you useful tips on how to make the most of your Myanmar year. For more information, click on the link below.

Information for visitors

Forex visitors can take any amount of forex with them, but it must be registered with custom if it is more than $10,000. A Myanmar entry visa is not necessary unless you are from an affected area. For more information, please consult your municipal public healthcare authority.

Medications Please make sure you have enough prescriptive medications and that they are in the bottle with your name on them. Please take general medication: Like on any trip, it is a good idea to take along an antidiarrhea drug, an antidiarrhea drug, a colds, patches, antibiotics and more.

Ask your family practitioner which antibiotic you should take and when to use. Most of Myanmar is a malarial area, so ask your healthcare professional what kind of prophylaxis you have used. It is also a good brainstorming to develop an insect repellant with "Deet.

" If you have any health needs during your stay, we will put you in touch with the doctors we recommend. The 3-pin or 2-pin connector can be used and in some hospitals the US 2-pin connector is used. Clothes Casual and lightweight clothes are suggested, preferrably made out of wool all year round, but please take a pullover or coat for the higher mountain areas, especially in the cold season (November to February).

Wind-proof jackets are a good option when you're out and about on Inlay Lake during the overwinter. It is IMPORTANT to wear a lightweight raincover if you are on a visit during the monsoons (June to September). It is necessary to take off your boots and stockings when you enter places of worship and shrines. It' s also common to take your boots off when you enter the house, so make sure you take boots that are easily put on and off.

You will find that the Burmese usually wearing long stile shoes because they are very practical! You can exchange your currency at authorised exchange offices at the airports, in the hotel and at the bank. Travellers are recommended to take crunchy, new and unturned US dollar banknotes. It is not common to use bank accounts and travellers cheques, except in large cities, big cities, big cities, big cities, cinemas...

Myanmar is a shopping haven because it is a land of craftsmen and home industry. A lot of people have found the need to buy an additional case! You will find incredible deals in wood carvings, handwoven silk and cotton, adorable puppets, lacquered goods, tapisseries, breathtaking ethnical clothes, gemstones, jade, mosquito net, the listing goes on... When you buy this famed Myanmar dovecote ruby, beautiful Myanmar bluish Sapphire, any gemstone or jewellery or handmade sterling silver or bullion, you should be sure to buy from a state-authorized Myanmar gift shop, where you will find a gift certificate...

Myanmar is not known for crimes, and it is pretty secure to be traveling anywhere. Myanmar-Thailand is an area to be careful in, and any area that is overcrowded or in train and bus (as anywhere in the world). Meal: Meal in large hotel in large cities is usually quite secure to be eaten, but if in smaller villages and remote places, or in case of doubts, just enjoy warm boiled foods, and fruits that can be hulled (such as plantains, pineapples and oranges) It is a good practice to prevent eaten by city peddlers or cuisines.

However, you should try the renowned Myanmar cooking! Myanmar cooking is made of either pasta or paddy with various side orders. As a rule, Myanmar Curry is less hot than the Thailand one. You can also choose from a wide range of traditional cuisines. People in Myanmar consider it indispensable to take off shoes (including socks) before they enter the grounds of a pagoda or Buddhist sanctuary.

In Myanmar, according to Buddha and his teachings, a religious is the most revered and should be respectable. Adhering to the 227 discipline regulations, studying the teachings, practicing mediation, being coelibatic, almost every single working days, leading a lifetime of temperance and minimal desires.

There is a monks almost similar lives to monks, so it is deserving of reverence. To rest one's legs on a desk, another armchair or a sitting position will insult the Myanmar population. Consider the legs as the lower part of the human organism and should be kept as far away from other human beings as possible.

In Myanmar, the population is humble when it comes to love. Behavior such as embracing, hand held and kissed lips is insulting to the area.

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