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Burma Visas

Visas for tourists, social, business and meditation. (e.g. spouse and/or children) This is only an entry visa. The Canadians should get a new E-VISA for tourists and business travellers.

For example, what type of visa do you need a visa on arrival or a visa in advance? The type of Indonesian visa you need depends on the type of trip you are taking.

Visitors visa (subclass 600)

These visas allow Australians to come to Australia for a vacation or relaxation, or to meet families and allies. They can also use this type of visas for work. You cannot, however, work with a visitors' visas. You have two options when applying for a visitors visas in Myanmar:

Buisness Monitor Flow - for trade visitors who want to do the following: They should submit an application for the best possible broadcast for their particular circumstances. You may be entitled to an ETA if you have a citizen's card that has been granted by one of the following country or states. You do not need to obtain a tourism visas.

Persons holding an identity card are not entitled and must obtain a tourism visas. Further information on them, together with the application, can be found under Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). You should verify that you are qualified for an eVisitor before you request a tourism visas.

eVisitor can be used for tourist activities and you can request the visas on-line. For more information about the eVisitorvisa, please see the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Visas are submitted and handled at the Australian Embassy in Yangon. People with passports from certain jurisdictions can request this type of visas on-line at our on-line lodge arrangement offices.

You will need to complete the check list for the visitors visas, which will help you in preparing all the necessary documentation for your request.

Visa Information for Australia in Myanmar - Visa Types

These visas are intended for the transitory immigration of persons for tourist or commercial use. Persons visiting Australia on vacation, visiting family members or family members or friends or for other short-term, non-professional reasons, as well as studying for less than three month. Please note: The work ( "short stay visa") (subclass 400) is the appropriate for::

For more information, please see the price table for visas. As of 18 May 2015, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be converted to a complete system in all Australian bilateral applications centres. That means that the Delivery Partner charges the customer a servicing fees for the submission of the visas and the biometrical registration.

That is in additon to the fee for applying for a visas. These are the services fees: Apply in US dollars in payment. "VAC is nonrefundable " Please dowload the check list for your underclass. N. B. - ID photographs that have been improved or modified in digital form to enhance or alter their image or to eliminate distinctive characteristics are not permitted.

Since the photographs are needed for identification if they do not reflect your real image, your request for a visas may be deferred if you are asked to submit new photographs. Please click here for the actual avarage turnaround times of the visaset. Please feel free to downlaod the check list for your sub-class of visas.

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