Myanmar Visa Validity

Burma Visa Validity

The Understand Visa is only valid for three months. Will this be from the day of the exhibition or from the day you enter Myanmar? Myanmar Tourist Visa is valid for three months from the date of issue. Free diplomatic/ official courtesy visa. eVisa is only valid for the entry points mentioned above.

Burma Visa Validity - Myanmar Message Board

We' re leaving our house in mid-September, but we won't arrive in Myanmar until the end of October. Depart from Myanmar in mid-November. The Understand Visa is only for three month. Will this be from the date of the exhibition or from the date you arrive in Myanmar? There will be no way to get the visa anywhere else, so we have to get it before our departures in September.

Is there a dilemma if we ship the job applications at the beginning of August, in the hope of getting everything back by the end of August? The visa is effective for entries within three month from the date of issuance. The visa is effective 28 day from the date of your departure. So, if you get a visa for a stay at the end of October in mid-August, you'll be well.

Silverswimmer, does this mean that I have to arrive during these 30 nights and have my 28th? Does this mean that my 28-day touristic visa is only effective between July 7th / August 8th? She was very supportive, but she made me think that I had to leave immediately....and I only want to go to Yangon on August 5th (and remain 3 weeks).....

"I am astonished at the length of a visa in London, etc., for three consecutive weeks. Hopefully they have not altered the validity of the US visa to one also. anyone in the US recently recieved one and can you tell me if it is legal for more than one Month?

GodieMac222....... how long did it take you to get your visa in Vientiane? I' ve been reading RobbieMac's mail that the Myanmar Consulate has been issuing a visa on the basis of his planned itinerary. He has been notified of his flights and will be in Yangon two working nights before the visa expiry date.

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