Myanmar Visa upon Arrival

Burma Visa on arrival

If Myanmar has introduced eVisa online, will Visa on Arrival and the Embassy of Myanmar continue to issue visas? He added, however, that Myanmar citizens flying from Yangon to Kolkata with Indian Airlines can apply for a visa upon arrival. They can also apply online for an e-visa or apply for a visa upon arrival. Whilst citizens of many countries can apply for a visa upon arrival in Yangon, it is very advisable to apply for a visa in your home country in advance. Burma entry requirements (on arrival).

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EVT (entry visa tourists) can be obtained from all Myanmar embassies and consulates with a 28-day vaild. They can also request an e-visa or visa on arrival. Visa on arrival is 30 US$ for 28 nights. 3M from date of issuance and requires a supporting voucher from an authorised Yangon tourist agency. 1M from date of issuance, but no supporting voucher.

The visa procedure usually lasts about a whole weekend in the embassies of Myanmar. To learn more about Myanmar's embassies abroad, please click on the following links. Advance approval on arrival may be provided with appropriate charges for those non-Myanmar embassy or embassy states. Upon application, there will also be a specific scheme for those who have difficulty getting a visa to Myanmar, regardless of the state.

Because of the type of obligation, Visa on Arrival can only be available from us for this itinerary. The trial takes at least two weathers. Upon authorization we will send you the authorization letters by e-mail with an attachment that you need to contact the carrier on board and when immigrating in Yangon International Airports for visa-processing.

A Yangon representative will pick you up at Yangon International and help you with your visa application. N. B.: The Visa Licence Committee requires at least 2 people to travel together to apply for the visa at the time of approval.

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A 6-month visa and 6-month travel document is needed by all travelers to take advantage of a Myanmar holiday. Myanmar Tourism Visa allows a 28 day period of residence, which can be extended for another 14 nights. Common passportholders from the following states are exempt from the visa requirement. Myanmar Business Visa allows a 28-day residence, which can be extended up to 12 month on a case-by-case base.

Visa on arrival will be issued upon consultation with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar. Myanmar E-Visa has now been expanded to Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay International Airports. Entrance to Myanmar is via Nay Pyi Taw (new capital) and Mandalay International Airports, even if you have selected Yangon International Airport as your point of entrance.

Airports Nay Pyi Taw International. The Yangon International Airport as a point of arrival. We have 4 types of visa service to Myanmar that we can provide for you. The visa is granted by an embassy or consulate of Myanmar. There is no need for an official visa application form; normally it will take 3 to 5 working day to apply.

Burma E Visa ApplyYou can request a visa directly yourself at A new visa is needed for re-entry. Applicants are obliged to fill in all necessary information on the visa application forms. Notification of eVisa will be sent to the requestor by e-mail as soon as it has been accepted. Please copy out the "Letter of Approval" and take your personal ID card with you.

Applicants must present them on arrival. On arrival in Myanmar, the immigrant will present an eVisa permit document and your visa to the immigrant official before stamping your visa. They have to submit their own application to the Embassy of Myanmar in their own state. To do so, we can mail you the official mail form.

If you have a copy of your visa upon arrival, you must have it printed out and kept on your way to Myanmar (you must show it to your Airways and Myanmar Immigration Counter). Once you have obtained your visa, check it before leaving the visa office to ensure that all your information is accurate.

If you have a visa in your hands instead of just a plane, you may travel across the frontier by road, but make sure that the road frontier you are going to travel across allows this. In particular, limits on entry and exit to Myanmar (Burma) at the same checkpoint. If you are arriving at Tachilek (Burma Shan State), KawThoung (Burma Tanintharyi), Myawaddy (Burma Karen State) or Htee Khee-Sunaron (Burma Dawei District) you can take off via Yangon or Mandalay International Airport.

Quite the opposite, if you are entering Burma via the Muse (Burma Shan State) or Tamu (Burma Chin State) checkpoints, you must leave the country at the intersection from which you are entering. In addition, every kid over 7 years of age who is named in the parents' passports must have an personal visa. Guests must spend the night in listed guesthouses, pensions, hotels as well as resort accommodation during their stays.

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