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Most foreigners need a visa to enter Myanmar. Learn more about studying abroad in the UK at Solent University. Here you will find entry requirements, visa advice, scholarships and other support. The Malaysian High Commission, Immigration Department, Official Website of the United Kingdom, Malaysian Embassy. A step-by-step guide to get your Myanmar/Burma visa in Bangkok.

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Hello I am trying to get my Myanmar visa here in the UK, but the website of the British Ambassador does not work when I click on the request button.... Anyone know where I can get the forms or what I can do? I' d get in touch with the consulate, they'll probably be able to give you one, as you may not be able to get one, we got ours in Bangkok and had to get it locally, it could not be mailed.

Mathew, did someone get a visa for Myanmar by mail, if so, how did you do it please, I tried to get information, but no succs. Simply fill in the registration forms specified in SwissPost3, get your photo passports, issue a check for the amount, put it in an envelop together with your personal ID and a self-addressed and franked cover and off you go!

You should have your visa and your full return within 2 week. There is no need to stress about a visa - just keep in mind that it is only a visitor's fee! You want to get a visa and your expenses in your state. When you are lucky enough to be living near London, you can hand in the application forms, your cash, your ID and your photographs at the embassy and pick them up in a few short time.

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Burma Visa in Great Britain - Myanmar Forum

Getting information on how to get a Myanmar visa in the UK seems hard. So I phoned the Myanmarassy in London, but she had a note saying:'Mailbox full', so I couldn't talk to anyone. Anyone does know from a leader anywhere who says what exactly every item needs, as I don't think I fill out the blank right........!

Will the place be the PASS BOD and the Bureau be the United Kingdom? I have not changed this visa since my first one in 1995, hence the outdated layout/questions. At that time, the answer (from my old passport) would have been Peterborough and United Kingdom Passport Agency. "If you have a question, you have your pass in front of you.

After you have just requested a visa via London for the October stay, it is really easy and quick and effective (by post) - 7 working nights from entry to departure. I made my own facial pictures and I' ve been printing them at home. I do not want to use my debit cards on the new website. So, I purchased a prepaid self-addressed cover from the postal service (£6.40) and took it along with an enrolment request from the Myanmar Mission, London website, two photos and the pass, along with 14 in hard copy to the London Ambassade.

Passengers have re-entered the country today, four working working days later. We' re going to Myanmar in November and have recently requested the necessary visa. The visa applications were sent on 12 September, the visa was granted on 16 September and the documents were immediately sent back. It seems simpler than caring about an Eva. I' ll do the same thing soon, as I think the visa in your visa and not in an Evissa note will mean a short waiting line on arrival - we'll see.

I know how to fill out forms etc., but can't see if I can send my request to the embassy in London or if I have to hand it in now? We' re going to Bangkok for a few nights - is it simpler and less expensive to get one from the embassy in Bangkok?

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