Myanmar Visa Size

Burma Visa Size

As a rule, no photos are taken at photokiosks that comply with the necessary acceptance criteria for your job offer. We have received a large number of clients whose requests were refused due to photographic defects and we have been pleased to help them obtain a Myanmar photograph or visafoto that meets the spec. To help you prevent undue delay in applying for your Myanmar citizenship passports, we will make sure that the photographs you submit comply with the needs of the Myanmar Embassy. We' ll make sure your pictures match your look so you won't have any trouble when you travel to Myanmar with your identity card or visas.

Your sent photographs should have been taken within the last six month and there must be no reflection that could impair the image or the image resolution. The Myanmar Passport Photography Specifications: Photographs must clearly show the applicant's face. Photographs must not be older than 6 month. Applicants must have a plain print on the picture.

Your photograph should be on a high grade 600 dots per inch or higher printing size media. Photographs must be in colour. When you are wearing eyeglasses, we suggest that you take them off to ensure that your photographs go through, as we have trouble with reflection from the eyeglasses and the applicant's eye, which are obscured by the eyeglasses.

Face must be covering 50-70% of the picture. From the top to the jaw, the height of the skull should be 25mm-35mm. Burma Visas Photography Specifications: Burmese Myanmar travel photographic needs are exactly the same as Myanmar travel photographs, except for one that is the exact amount. The Myanmar Embassy is likely to reject your request if your picture does not comply with the above mentioned criteria.

You will not be rejected because of the photograph. All our specs are taken directly from the Myanmar Embassy's formal identity and visafoto regulations, which can be found here.

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