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Burma Visa Singapore

Holders of a Singapore passport can enter many countries without a visa. Some other countries, such as Myanmar, have certain rules and regulations that may or may not require a visa, depending on how they intend to enter the country. The Myanmar Embassy in SINGAPORE is a communication office between the Government of Myanmar and SINGAPORE. Counseling for visa applicants: Don't buy the ticket before applying for a visa, but make a "booking" or "flight route".

Obtaining a visa for Myanmar in Singapore

I' ve just returned from a journey to Myanmar. so I couldn't do much on my own. Here is a guideline for Myanmar visa applications in Singapore before I drowse you with articles about Myanmar. As I was informed that I could go to Myanmar, I only had less than 2 week before my leave, so I had to deal with my visa now.

At the end, my interest led me to go to the Swiss diplomatic mission to get a visa. When I went to the Swiss government's foreign office, I came to the conclusion that it is really simpler and less expensive to hire a tour operator. There is a S$35 visa charge, but there is a S$10 processing charge that they will not tell you.

Because of the fact that the host country is not in the best position and the opening times of visa applications are insane, you should simply reserve your cab fare and have your visa processed at a tourist agency. You can find the visa applications here. Myanmar Embassy's website is simple and will email you with everything you need to do.

There is now an on-line scheduling system where you have to make an appointments to go to the embassy. They would not refuse my visa because my head was brushed in a different way. Once you have made your appointments, the message will email you with some documentation that you will need to have printed out.

It will take a little longer because there are a number of things you need to have. In addition to the S$35 visa S$10, please take it with you to the Swiss Federal Foreign Office, as you will have to cover the processing costs. Two conflicting opening hours are in the documentation I have been given.

Some of them said to be at the message before 8am, while others said to come before 9am. At about 8:15 a.m. I reached the foreigner office and stood at the "foreigner" buildings - the amber one. Around 8:30 am the meters were put into operation, although the form says that the opening hours are 9 am.

And the man at the desk said I could pick up my visa in the evenings. Visas should be available on the same date unless your request looks suspect. When my visa was collected, my nurse assisted me so that I didn't have to take a taxi to the German ambassadors.

With all the difficulties, I suggest that you go to a tourist agency to get your visa. There is no need to take your own two minutes to submit your resume and it could only be $20 more ( which is less than most cab fare to and from the host country twice). Whilst my visa request and my journey was a hit, I have been hearing tales about those who could not get a visa to Myanmar.

I trust you have a good trip with your visa request. Interested in Myanmar?

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