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Bildungsvisum single entry and Bildungsvisum multiple entry. Include White Glove service with every order! e-Visa issued by Myanmar for:. Type of visa/service and information. Burmese Visa and Immigration.

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We are proud to announce the start of the new study for our Express Service, which will be available from April 1, 2018. This new service allows you to request a standard tourist visa with accelerated visa applications 365 day a year and receive the results by e-mail within 24h.

Please be aware that the business visa expedited service is not available. I' ve always turned my Elisa in less than 12hrs! Of course, the cost of the service is higher than with a regular e-visa use. Another possibility for e-visa seekers requiring an emergency Myanmar visa.

Only EXPRESS. They hired more personnel for Express, upgraded the setup or what? They may want more visa fees....ha ha...who knows? I' m gonna need one in less than five and a half day in a few week, so I'm gonna use this service. When you have 3 working day and more, I am quite sure that you can still use regular use.

If you only have less than three working nights, you have no option. Now, use the express visa service. "It takes up to 3 working day for regular business and tourist visas and 24 hour for the Tourist Visa Express Service (365 working day a year). At all events, the process begins with the sending of the confirmation email after the request has been made AND the on-line payments have been made.".

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Which is the best way to get a Myanmar visa? Shall I submit my resume directly to the embassy in Washington DC? Or, should I pay the additional amount and mail it to a visa service firm (VisaHQ)? they have a fee of $45 for getting the visa, but I would have the certainty that it would not be postponed.

I am travelling from 15 September and we are living in Kansas City, so I cannot go to the message in private. Use the message as normal counsel. What it's been taking it 3 to get my visa from their consulate (in Australia) and that seems to be ties for the course.

And I was in Myanmar last weekend organizing mine. Pre-departure visa. However, on arriving in Yangon there was a visa and for Australians you could get it done locally, for what I recall being 20 US. Back then I talked to an aide who said it was very new.

Only a few folks did so almost zero waited for my morning arrivals to be. The visa is only for 3 month and begins on the date of issuance, not on the date of your stay. You will be able to have your pass returned to DC in early August, subject to your travel itinerary.

Thorntree was mentioned last weeks that Air Asia did not carry passengers in Bangkok because they did not have a visa. The VOA I've been hearing is only for corporate clients coming with an invite from a Myanmar broker. However, what you can do is to stop in Bangkok and get a visa for Myanmar within 24h.

I have a relative in Australia who' s coming to Myanmar and I'm going to do the same.

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