Myanmar Visa Requirements for Malaysian

Burma Visa Requirements for Malaysia

Malaysian visa for Myanmar. Candidate countries whose nationals require a visa to enter Malaysia. For most nationalities no visa is required for social or business visits. Our service offers fast, easy and secure application for domestic and business visas from Singapore to Malaysia. Request, Requirements, Malaysian Visa Services by VisaHQ Ltd, London, UK.


Everyone who enters Malaysia must have a current identity card or international recognised travelling documents. Expiry date of the validity of the certificate is more than six (6) month from the date of arrival in Malaysia. Citizens mentioned above must obtain a visas for Malaysia. Visas are endorsements in passports or other recognised documents stating that the holders have requested and been issued an immigration permit for Malaysia.

The issued visas are no complete guarantees that the owner is permitted to come to Malaysia. It is up to the Immigration Officer to make the ultimate decisions at the point of arrival. 2. two (2) photo passports (any background); 3. the period of expiry of the passport/travel documents must be more than 6 month from the date of arrival in Malaysia; 4. the date of arrival in Malaysia.

5. the company' s/sponsor' s letter'No objection' (for individuals/family members); self-employed persons may submit a copy of the trading license. One copy of the sponsor's spouse/child sponsor's employment contract or pay slip (AED 4000); if the applicant's pay is indicated in the No Objection document, it is not required to submit a pay slip.

Confirmation of your reservation in Malaysia; The possibility to spend the night with relatives/friends in Malaysia needs the following documents: i) Letters of invitations (to the Consulate General of Malaysia, Dubai) of a relative/friend to the claimant stating the full home in Malaysia; iii) a copy of the purchase agreement or lease relating to the specified place of domicile under the name of the issuer of the notice of invitations or invoices stating the name and adress of the issuer of the solicitation.

You will need a written notice of invitations to attend in order to obtain a commercial permit. There is an job interviews for multiple-entry applicants; these are minimal prerequisites - extra documentation can be obtained. Normally, the processing of visas takes two (2) working day. As one applies: The VOA is made out at the following points of entry:

Gelbfieberzertifikat must be presented when you land in Malaysia for the following countries: Pursuant to Letters No. KDN(S): 03/426/1-94 (25) of 7 July 2011, the Ministry of the Interior has enacted an instruction that Afghanistan citizens who are eligible for a non-reference visa (VWTR) at Malaysian embassies/high commissioners abroad and are exempt from paying a security loan are as follows:

Business people and foreigners, on presupposition that they present proof and receive a recommendation from the Embassy of Afghanistan in Malaysia. For every granted visas a charge of 20,00 RM will be made. Any other category of Afghan citizens other than those listed above are applying for Visas With Reference (VWR) from a Malaysia branch and will receive a security deposit on the basis of standard migration requirements.

Please note: All Malay embassies/high commissioners abroad are obliged to send monthly visa issuing stats without reference for all visa applicant classes, as described above, to the Visa, Passport and Permit section of the Immigration Headquarters, Putrajaya, for registration only.

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