Myanmar Visa Requirements for British Citizens

Burmese Visa Requirements for British Citizens

There are other regulations, however, which they must observe before entering the country. Myanmar (Burma) Nepal I am a British citizen and have a residence permit here in China. Citizens of Albania, Armenia, Cambodia, etc. require a visa to enter Hong Kong. UK and EU passport holders need a visa to enter Chad.


When you are in London, you should get in touch with the Embassy to submit your application.

When you are in London, you should get in touch with the Embassy to submit your application. These types of visas offer a 28-day opportunity for tourists to remain with an additional 2 week or 70-day commercial visa. There is no need for a genuine ID to obtain the visa when you arrive and you can use your payment method.

In order to request a visa, please click this link and fill out the visa form: Once we have received your visa request, we will e-mail you to confirm that you will be receiving a visa authorization notification after 2 or 7 working day. When you arrive, you will be sent 1 visa on your e-mail. What you need to do is to take it with you to Myanmar.

They have a visa on your arriving in Yangon/Mandalay/Nay Pyi Daw airport. Alternatively, please go to your local Myanmar embassy to submit your application.

China Visa Guide for British Passport Holders

Chinese guidebook for British passportholders. British nationals need a visa to enter China. Applications can be submitted in writing or by post to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in London Manchester or Edinburgh. Before you can send in your personal application, you must make an on-line application. Travellers who have travelled through a local agency can help you obtain a visa.

Travelers who book directly through Traveller Indochina should read the "Before You Go" section of the China Travelling Information page. Travelers who wish to come to China for tourist activities need an "L" visa. You will need a different visa if you are planning to go to university or work, to go on a college or university trip, to attend a Chinese resident or journalist.

This information applies only to the Chinese Tourism Visa. You do not need a visa if you are travelling less than 24 hrs at the international airports or if you are visiting Hong Kong for less than 90 nights. Passengers who are travelling less than 72 hrs in Beijing on a Beijing Capital International, Shanghai Hongqiao or Pudong International airports, Baiyun International in Guangzhou or Shuangliu International in Chengdu can request visa exemptions.

When traveling from the Chinese continent to Hong Kong and then returning to the Chinese continent, a dual admission visa is also necessary. You will need a multientry visa if you arrive in China more than twice. passports valid for at least six month from the date of departure and empty visa pages.

When you plan to stay in a place other than a resort, you will need an invoice with your information, your route and the information of the individual who will be there. Visas application form. Visas fees (£66 GBP one-time visitor visa). There is a UK based servicecentre in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Personal job resumes should take 4 working day. A £84 email request charge, credit cards can only be used with the authorization to pay option only. It takes about two and a half week to handle your postcards. The quickest turnaround times are obtained from Edinburgh office applicants.

There is an expedited delivery available and your visa will be returned within 3 working day. It can only be requested in writing. A £93 expres visa is charged.

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