Myanmar Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

Burma Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

Follow the guidelines for photo requirements. Aboriginal visas for UK citizens are electronic. Finland Lithuania Saudi Arabia. Visas on entry for Myanmar and Indonesian citizens. That is a requirement of the Ministry of Immigration.

Burma Visa, Australia: Application, requirements. Request a Burmese visa online.

Burghers of Australia are required to obtain Myanmar tourist visas electronically..... We will send you your eVisa by e-mail and send you digitally copied of the following documents: This is a copy of the Australian pass. An unambiguous, colour copy of the information pages of your current, duly authorised ID card, together with the organic page. Travellers MUST use Myanmar in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay International Airport to obtain e-Visas.

Otherwise, please use the Tourist Visas section. Prior visas. Copy of an existing Myanmar travel document if this is not your first time. - Genuine Myanmar Travelcard. Claimants must hand in their initial Myanmar Pass. In case the pass has already been handed over, please present a copy of the authenticated copy of the document to the embassy confirming it.

  • and affidavit. In the event of loss or theft of the Myanmar originals pass, present a notarized copy of the policeman' s statement and a notarized affidavit of citizenship.

Visa Information for Australia in Myanmar - Visa Types

As of July 1, 2016, there will only be one type of residence permit in Australia - the Studentenvisum (subclass 500). If you wish to enrol in Australia after 1 July 2016, you must obtain a semester abroad students entry permit (subclass 500) regardless of your subject of studies.

As of 1 July 2016, all requests for a study permit must be submitted on-line via the Immi account. Visum requests for students submitted on or after 1 July 2016, together with those sent to the Visum Antragzentren (VACs) before 1 July and submitted to the respective VAC on or after 1 July, will be deemed void and will be sent back to the requestor together with the fee-payments.

To find out more about the Studentenvisumprogramm and the documentation you will need to present with your Studentenvisumantrag, please click here. When you have a students visas with subclasses 570 to 576, your visas will stay in force and your terms and requirements will not be changed after July 1, 2016.

From 1 July 2016, student visas holders' families (subclasses 570-576) must request a sub-class 500 if they wish to join a member of their families in Australia. At the request of the request handling authorities, this services comprises the loading of documentation at the moment of the request and all following documentation.

Claimants are obliged to take their visa with them. Payments can only be made online in AUD (Australian Dollar). In order to prevent delay, you should take all information and documentation with you.

Please contact your local Australian Visa Applicant Center for more information. Biometry for student visa applications: Under the procedure, all plaintiffs are obliged to attend a VAC to register their biometry. The applicant will automatically get an acknowledgement of the e-mail ID provided at the moment of submission of the request with the information necessary to register for biometry.

It is strongly recommended that you take new and tidy US dollars with you when submitting your request to the Visa Applications Center.

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