Myanmar Visa Requirements

Burma Visa Requirements

Myanmar visas are required by all nationals listed in the above table. Any national listed in the above table is eligible to apply for an eVisa online. In Myanmar you must enter at Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay international airports or at Tachileik, Myawaddy or Kawthaung border crossings. To apply, go to the Myanmar eVisa homepage. These pages describe the visa or entry requirements of the Republic of Myanmar.

Burmese visa for British citizens

British nationals can travel to many visa free destinations. Nonetheless, other nations need a visa and it is important to know before departure whether a visa is necessary for a secure and effective journey. To help you with this procedure, before you book your travel to Myanmar, please see below for responses to common visa queries, visa applications and visa-cost.

Are British nationals in need of a visa to travel to Myanmar? Yes, British nationals in possession of a visa are still required to travel to Myanmar. This means that even with a visa they may only remain in the state for 28 nights, even if the visa is 90 from the date of issuance, and that they may only board and leave Yandon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airport.

A Myanmar visa for a British visa costs $50 together with a $20 visa-fees. There are many other requirements in place for British nationals wishing to enter Myanmar in excess of those mentioned above. This includes the need for suitable photographs for the visa, a current visa that does not expire six month after entering the country, and much more.

In order to obtain a visa for Myanmar as a British citizen, you must make an formal reservation through the Myanmar Embassy website. This also means less trouble with the administrative red tape and can help you not miss any action in the recruitment proces. As well as a 9.5" Award-winning review of over 1,788 testers on TrustPilot, we have many great love stories that are great stories of our Excellency and show the ease and effectiveness that you as a client will have.

For Myanmar visa application click here.

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