Myanmar Visa Process

The Myanmar Visa Process

Extensive and up-to-date information on visas for Myanmar, including a list of key facts for obtaining a visa in your own country and in Bangkok. From the application to approval, the process takes place via the online platform. We do not need to visit the law firm when applying for a Myanmar visa, as you can complete the process online. Equipped with these tips, the process should be fast, easy and painless. It currently takes three months to process work permits in Myanmar.

You can apply via our website job applications and we will respond to all e-mails within 24h.

You can apply via our website job applications and we will respond to all e-mails within 24h. Please contact us by e-mail if you do not get back to us within 24h. Candidates must provide us with a copy of their passports and colour photographs that they have either received in scans or photographs. Once we have received the full information from you, we will handle your visas by submitting your information to the Immigration Department.

It can take 3 working day for a touristic and 5 working day for a commercial one. Printout the E-VISA with barcode letters and display it at the airline desk. In case you have any problems with the Airline In Desk, please ask the SV to call us at +959-8623435.

Upon arrival in Myanmar, please wait at the check-in desk as before. Your barcode will be scanned and processed by the immigrant official. You' ll get a visa on your visa after you have been registered by the immigrant official. Sequence of the payments. Hand in the prepayment slip. Once you have completed the completed application and the transaction has been successfully completed, you will be sent a receipt for your amount to be paid.

Please use this e-mail to enable us to verify your prepayment.

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For 5~10 vouchers per year (my Tanzania viz was only $100, Kenya was $50) $50 is certainly high. It will take the Japan Consulate up to 3 week to complete the form, you will need a lot of hard copies and it will cost $40. In a few years, I will have these annoying full-page labels on my pass, so I choose the E-visa.

It' s fun how few folks use the e-visa from Myanmar, my girlfriend just got back and saw a group of travellers who were all at the destination. When in London, then his simple pecasy journey bond st message (song: I am Burlington Bertie I climb at 6:30 lol) Ive in a few pays the 14+? return shipping around 5 nights. inexpensive and upbeat.

Even to the message with the London embassy on online envelope and returning pre-paid record a coupling of time. 50 is too high should be about $25. $50 is not so much for the comfort of having it at home in 10 mins, if ur not near an Embassy or Asgulate.

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