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Burma Visa Photo

The applicant must attach a passport photograph to each form that contains an empty photo box. Was in Teint entry for Myanmar visa to write. You will need a valid passport and a passport photo. That all I need for the visa? Your personal colour photo and the colour passport photo (organic page) must be attached to the e-mail and sent to us.

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No photographs are necessary to apply for an on-line visa. However, upon your arriving at Vietnam's airport, you must show 2 photographs of yourself together with your visa and immigration officer's visa permit certificate (and stamp duty) for your visa to be valid. Also, the photographs must have a default 4x6cm format, must be clear and up-to-date (within 6 month to date).

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Evisa is not available in my city. You think they'll be photographed at home and cut to the right length? Yeah, they seem to agree with most of the pictures, I just download a new self-ie. Have you got a tray or a smartphone?

Yes, we took pictures on our mobile phones, download them and the website of EVIS actually has a hyperlink with which you can adapt the perfect photo sizes. Usually I used a self-ie too and used just the same routine that TJ is speaking about to sort it. On Friday afternoons, I submitted my application and received my e-visa on Sunday nights, and when you submit your application on-line and get to the photo section, they have a hyperlink to a website where you can customize your photo.

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Image for myanmar?

Image for myanmar? I' m completing the evissa sheet and when I click from the first page they say no photo, but there was no line asking for a photo, so I don't know how to add a photo anyway, maybe I should just email directly to the wash message, I'll go on February 15.

There were no more pages /queries after the first page with a photo. That all I need for the visa? Looks like there are more issues than travel and accommodation. I' m not fill out Info with Credential Information until I'm sure there are no more queries, if so, I'll restart.

Karen, the e-visa asks a lot fewer ifs and buts than the normal visa do. I only needed a few moments to complete the e-visa application and it will go on forever. After filling it out, uploading a photo, giving them $50 on my visa card (went through on the first attempt) and seven hour later my e-visa had PDF in my mailbox.

I suspect that the printed documents are more pre-Burma heritage, and the e-visa is more in line with what they will need in 2015. However that' s just a conjecture. downse2005, I ask spouse in case you still need the info. now. I got the evidence in two and a half day, that's all.

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