Myanmar Visa on Arrival Requirements

Burmese visa on entry

Myanmar visas are required for almost all foreigners wishing to enter Myanmar. - It is visa application time in Myanmar: Entry and exit restrictions for Burma at the same border crossing point. Business and entry visa issued to Canadian citizens upon arrival. All businessmen working abroad in Myanmar's embassies and consulates general require a valid passport and entry visa.


TouristpassportA legal identity card with entrance visas is necessary for all guests. Visas allow a 28-day period of residence, which can be extended for a further 14 nights. Land travel is allowed for Thailand and third country travellers with visas at Tachileik, Three Pagoda Passports, Myawaddy and Kawthaung as well as for China and third country travellers with visas in Lweje, Nam Kham, Muse, Kyukoke, Kwanlong, Mont Lar along the Myanmar-China/Borders.

Commercial VisaA non-refundable entry visas is necessary for all Myanmar embassies and consulates-general abroad. Commercial visas allow a 28-day residence, which can be extended up to 12 month on a case-by-case base. Visas are issued upon arrival by agreement with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

  • It may, in the most serious case, take up to 3 months to obtain authorisation, as all requests must be sent to Nay Pyi Taw (the new capital), the copy must be presented at the check-in desk for your Yangon flights and on your return to Yangon International Airport.

Immigration at Yangon International Airport will apply for your visas. Complete the renewal request card. When you are sure that you need a renewal before your arrival, you can give us the application blank, your full 2 photo ID and 2 pictures and $50 for 2 additional week. Should you be unsure, please fill out this contact sheet and call us at 204020 if you are in Yangon.

We' ll gather recommendations for your accommodation, 2 pictures and 50 US$ for 2 week extensions. Visas 1. must be confirmed by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism and then presented to the Ministry of Immigration. The minimum period for extending the tourist visa is 2 and the maximum 5 day period.

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