Myanmar Visa on Arrival Requirements

Burmese visa on entry

A visa is available on arrival, but is only available to those who need a transit visa, business visa or entry visa to attend certain events or meetings. The visa on arrival is issued after prior consultation with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. TRAVEL; FOREIGN INDEPENDENT TRAVELLER; VISA ON ARRIVAL.

They need basic requirements such as photos, invitation letters, etc. BUSINESS ENTRY VISA REQUIREMENTS.

Myanmar visa requirements for Vietnam

I' ve been told that Myanmar pass holder don't need a visa to travel to Vietnam, is that so? The Vietnam-Myanmar visa waiver treaty for holder of normal passports, which has been initialled between Vietnam and Myanmar, will enter into force on 26 October 2013, the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced.

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the Vietnamese and Burmese authorities had concluded an accord that would also allow Vietnam visa-free travel to Burma for less than 15 working day, according to Vietnam-based Tuoi Tre. Where to get a Vietnam visa in Myanmar?

You have two ways to get a Vietnam visa: Request your Vietnam visa at a Vietnamese embassy/consulate: They can come personally to the Vietnamese Ambassador in your own Vietnam and will be guided on how to get a visa for Vietnam there.

This way you must come directly to the Vietnamese Ambassador at least twice. When you first get there, you must provide the necessary documentation and the second when you get there, you must apply for your Vietnam visa. The Vietnamese Ambassador in Myanmar has the following details::

With the Vietnam Visa On-line-System you have your visa validated at an Vietnam Visa Station in Vietnam, where you will be arriving. Receipt of the Vietnam visa clearance certificate upon arrival at Vietnam's internation airfields (international air travel only). Receipt of the Vietnam visa clearance certificate upon arrival at Vietnam's internation airfields (international air travel only).

Myanmar's visa policies

There have been two enlargements of the eligibility lists, first in October 2014, then in January 2015. The competition is open to people from the following countries: Remark: 1 - Visa-free entry and e-visa for companies and tourists. 2- Country qualifying for an e-visa for business/tourists. UK and other EU residents are entitled to an e-visa for business/tourists.

Any other class of UK citizenship is only accepted for the touristic e-visa, no marking - countries that are only accepted for the touristic e-visa.

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