Myanmar Visa on Arrival for us Citizens

Burmese visa on arrival for us citizens

A number of business travellers can obtain a visa upon entry. Compile the remaining application requirements. US citizens will be issued the necessary visas upon arrival in Thailand and Laos. External cover of a US passport with evisa online for Myanmar. Here you can learn more about us and how we have turned this travel blog into a company.

US citizens business visa to Myanmar

United States citizens wishing to visit Myanmar for commercial purposes require a visa. There are two simple ways to obtain a Myanmar visa from the United States. 1 - The Union of Myanmar is in Washington D.C. To apply for a visa directly at our Myanmar Consulate, please provide us with your contacts details:

2 - If you do not have or do not want to go to Washington D.C., it is fully capable of obtaining a commercial visa on arrival (online visa). In order to send your resume, click on the bottom of this page and send us your resume. Send and pay" after completing the on-line job applications page. You will be redirected to Paypal-Paygate, which accepts credit/debit card.

As soon as your request is accepted, you will receive a "visa authorization letter" from us by e-mail. You can use this document to get on the boat and get a visa stamps on your Myanmar travel itinerary. To apply for an on-line visa, the following documentation must be submitted: Further information on the visa upon entry can be found here:


Notice - Business visa will be renewed. We are expanding our eVisa offer for business travellers all over the globe! It is our pleasure to inform you that a business visa can be applied for on-line from 1 July 2015. When submitting your resume, you must include "Color Passport Size Photo", "Letter of Invitation" and "Company Registration (Form 26)".

There is a $70 non-refundable eVisa online business transactional charge. Be sure to send in the documents as they will be reviewed against the participating Myanmar businesses. Thanks for using eVisa, Do you have a current eVisa that does not expire at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar?

You must provide a copy of the trade registration/license/license form that has been provided by the relevant ministry along with the request when working in Myanmar. State the name of the plant, the site, the sponsor and his or her job when working with a commercial visa.

Request the renewal of the visa on the advice of the relevant ministry and according to the current procedure if he is dealing with a commercial visa. Issue letters of invitations from the relevant government departments when participating in sessions, workplaces, events as well as festivities. They may not carry out work with or without fees, with the exception of the occupations listed in the visa foreseen.

Show your flight to your final point when you apply for a visa. Staying at the hotel, motel and guesthouse that holds a Myanmar government license, as well as in statutorily licensed facilities and garages, and providing the exact location where he will live. Undertake to adhere rigorously to the applicable Myanmar government legislation, regulations, procedures, orders and policies.

Get a visa free of cost for minors under the age of seven who accompany their passports; you can provide proof of parent-child relationships if the child is in possession of a special-pass. You may not enter the prohibited areas without our approval. Contact the Immigration and National Registration Department in Myanmar and provide the addresses of legal accommodation, lodgings, hotels, guesthouses, factory and workshop facilities.

Adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions. You can obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport by applying either to the Myanmar airline or on the following website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

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