Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Tourists

Burma Visa on arrival for tourists

The Myanmar visa policy has been suspended and Malaysian tourists travelling to Myanmar must apply for a visa before they can leave the country. Full guide for Chinese passport holders to apply for a tourist visa to Myanmar. The pre-arranged on-arrival visa is now available to all visitors to Myanmar. To find out more about applying for a visa to Myanmar, please visit the nearest Myanmar embassy. TRAVEL VISA REQUIREMENTS:

Burma Chinese Tourist Visa

A visa is a must for visiting Myanmar for visiting Myanmar. You either fly or you are crossing the Muse/Ruili frontier, you need a visa before you enter the state. Burma Tourist VisaThis visa allows China passportholders to reside in Myanmar for 28 consecutive nights for tourist purposes only.

There is no renewal options, but if you are staying longer than 28 nights, you can choose to leave for a $3 per night surcharge. Applying EvisaThis is the most convenient way to get a visa as quickly as 1 to 3 business hours. You will be sent a visa authorisation document within 3 working day, with which you can collect your visa at one of these airport on arrival: Yangon, Nay Pyi Daw or Mandalay.

It is also a good alternative for expatriates from China and foreign nationals who are in China to obtain a Myanmar visa: When living in China and have good accessibility to one of these places in Beijing or Kunming, you can send your application to the Embassy: The handling period at the Consulate can be between 1 and 14 working day, according to the payment options and work load of theassy.

Up to now, Visa Notes Evisa only applies to flights. When you are planning to pass the Kunming Lashio gateway, make sure you ask for a visa at the consulate. Your Myanmar citizenship card must be valid at least 6 month before entering Myanmar.


1. have a current pass that does not expire at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar. 4. submission of photocopies of corporate registration/business license/business permit that have been made out by the relevant government departments together with the request when working in Myanmar. 5. the name of the plant, the site, the sponsor and his or her post when doing so.

6. request the renewal of the visa on the advice of the relevant government departments and in accordance with the current procedure if he is dealing with a commercial visa. 7. prepare a written notice of invitations from the relevant government departments when attending sessions, work shops, events as well as rituals. 8. may not carry out work with or without fees, with the exception of the occupations specified in the visa request.

9. present a flight to the place of arrival when requesting a visa for travel in transit. and Accommodation in Myanmar's Government's legally licensed properties, as well as in the statutorily licensed facilities, garages, and people' homes; and state the exact location where he will be staying. 11. adhere to all applicable Myanmar government legislation, regulations, procedures, orders and guidelines.

12. have issued a free visa for under seven year olds who accompany a child in the pass; they can provide proof of parent-child relationships if the child is in possession of a seperate one. 14. provide the Immigration and National Registration Department in Myanmar with the addresses of legal accommodation, lodgings, hotels, guesthouses, factory and workshop facilities.

16. adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions. 17. Request your visa upon arrival at the airport by applying either to the Myanmar airline companies or on the following website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

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