Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Malaysian

Burma Visa on arrival for Malaysians

Only allowed to stay in hotels and pensions. Visas for foreigners/Terms of application/Forms. Hongkong (C/I or D/I). Applications for visas must be submitted to the nearest Malaysian mission. Myanmar citizens resident in Singapore.

Burma Visa for Malaysia

Compared to the Myanmar Embassy visa, which involves a round trip to and from the Myanmar embassy, the process of obtaining a visa upon arrival in Myanmar or Myanmar eve visa is much simpler, more cost effective and less time-consuming: - In connection with the arrival, removal and stay of Myanmar residents, all Malaysians should apply for a Myanmar visa before leaving by first obtaining a Myanmar visa on-line, which they can obtain by e-mail and then the Myanmar visa.

You must have a valid for at least (6) month. - You must apply for a visa for a trade visa: Letters of invitations from a listed enterprise to you. Myanmar has 2 types of visas: Malaysians requiring a Myanmar visa are eligible for a standard or even URGENT MYANMAR VISA SERVICE to ensure that their Myanmar visa application form (Myanmar Evisa) is filled in on or even sooner than foreseen.

This is why our services differ from other emergency services that provide one general emergency call charge per week, which can take away the advantages that claimants should enjoy. The good thing is that the Myanmar visa is 100% applied for on arrival on-line. Place all of the above in a parcel with your visa, then show it to the immigrant on arrival in Myanmar.

On arrival at one of Myanmar's international airports (Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw), present the immigration official with a visa, a visa permit document, 2 photographs, the departure and immigration forms and a stamp duty to stamp your visa. We offer a very good level of services in terms of safety, comfort and safety.

If you want to get it faster, please call us via 24/7 helpline or directly via IM or e-mail to work with our well-trained and friendly team.

Visit Myanmar? Don't leave without a visa.

Myanmar's Malaysian ambassador says that on arrival visa will no longer be granted to visitors and that this has nothing to do with Malaysia's position on the Rohingya question. PETALING JAYA: Malaysian travellers to Myanmar must apply for a visa before leaving, as the visa policies for entry have been canceled.

In an interview with FMT, a visa official from Myanmar's Malaysian ambassador said that Myanmar abandoned visa policies for all visitors from all over the world "a few month ago" and that this step had nothing to do with Malaysia's attitude on the Rohingya question. Myanmar's Myanmar police have criticized the brutality against the Rohingya ethnic group, which has led to the death of several hundred people and the expulsion of several thousand.

After the Malaysians were refused a visa when they arrived at Myanmar International Airport, the official answered FMT's questions on visa issues. "A visa on arrival will only be granted to those who travel to Myanmar for commercial purposes," the official said. He said the vouchers contained an official notice of the Myanmar-based firm having a Myanmar Foreign Investment Commission registration and a reference from the firm employing the traveler.

"Malaysian visitors who plan to come to Myanmar are invited to request a visa on-line at or to go to the Myanmar Mission in Kuala Lumpur.

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