Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Indian Passport

Burma visa on arrival for the Indian passport

When you pick up your passport and visa from the centre, it is usually faster. Getting a visa to Myanmar in Bangkok. Then you can either pick up your completed passport at our Kensington Travel Center or we will send it to you by secure delivery. Holders of a diplomatic passport, however, can still gain visa-free access to Macau. It is important that you check the details of your travel visa as soon as your passport is returned to you.

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May I apply for a student ID on arrival at the Aiport?

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Thailand, the India traveller's first truly global trip, takes as much trouble as traveling to another town in India. We have all had our eyes on Thailand for ages, and the visa on arrival makes it so much easier to get to Thailand. Complementing your celebration and relaxation itineraries on some of the world's most scenic destinations, this in-depth Visa Guide to Thailand will get you to make your reservations right away!

If you are traveling to Thailand, there are two types of visa. Newer is the much more comfortable visa on arrival. Individuals who visit Thailand for tourism and are planning to remain in the Philippines for no more than 15 consecutive nights may use the Visa on Arrival services from and through the 32 dedicated migration control points, which include Phuket International Airport.

Visas on Arrival is available 24/7 at any of these Thailand internation airports: Please note: If you arrive by road via Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia without a visas, you will receive a 15-day visas. Holder of an India citizenship need the following documentation to use the Visas on Arrival service:

  • A validated flight departing from Thailand within 15 day of the date of arrival. Shore leave from Thailand disqualifies you for the visa on arrival. You can also obtain a preventive visa from the Royal Thai Embassy if you are in Thailand for more than 30 nights.

Most important documentation and information necessary for the long visa are the following A 10 year expiry date of your 6 month expiry date of your visa. Remember that the pass book should have at least 2 empty pages for formal use. 3 snapshots (35x45 mm with matt background on mat tissue & 80% face area).

Visas request forms, properly completed and countersigned by the passengers. For a businessperson, a covering note on your company's head of department indicating your job and time. Please review the document shortlist with the immigration questionnaire provided by the local authorities before you apply for your visas.

Please also consult the offical website of the information on visas for possible changes in regulations and charges.

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