Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Indian Nationals

Burmese visa on arrival for Indian nationals

The insurance can be taken out on arrival at "Minsk National Airport". Note: Only Indian nationals residing in India can apply for preferential treatment. Touristic visa and visa on arrival Myanmar is open to all Indians with a current Myanmar visa. Clean colour scans of the front and last pages of the current passports with a min. duration of six month.

Letters of invitations from the invited person are necessary if you are on a business trip. US/Schengen Visa copy. The usual turnaround times are three to four working days except Saturday, Sunday and all other holidays in Myanmar.



We should be in India by now. We had been planning a rucksack journey from Nepal to India to Sri Lanka for month. We' ve taken charge of almost everything, even our hotel and an India-Visum. I can now tell you about my experiences because I tried to apply for a Indian visas.

As a matter of fact, I was quite astonished to find out that we needed a pre-issued visas to get into India. Today, Filipino citizens who visit India can request an e-tourist visas, e-business visas or e-medical visas. We will focus only on the e-tourist visas in this article. I' ve completed my job applications in one class and received my visas the next morning.

But, first, here are the demands. It is the briefest form of requirement for a student to have ever seen. As a general rule, you must meet the following conditions before applying online: Payment can be made by PayPal or PayPal. You must obtain an e-visa at least 4 working nights before the date of your travel with a 120 day period.

Applicants from September 1 can choose their date of arrivals from September 5 to January 2. Their only destination in India is relaxation (touring, sightseeing), visiting a friend or relative or an occasional shopkeeper. You must have a valid residency permit at least 6 month after your date of residence. Only apply for an e-visa if you enter India via one of the following airport, as these are the only ones who would do so: you will need to apply for an e-visa:

When you plan to travel to India through another gate, you must request a visas the old way. Send your resume to the embassy. Completion of the requests. I' ve listed the above requests, but just in case you miss it, here is the more. It is the briefest form of requirement for a student to have ever seen.

As a general rule, you must meet the following requirements before applying online: Payment can be made by PayPal or PayPal. You should also provide the following information about your journey, as you will be asked to do so when you submit your on-line application: All you have to do now is submit your on-line registration and payment.

Applying online. Visit India's e-visa application page. Don't forgetting to check e-Tourist Visa and then select Recreation/Sightseeing. Only thing that puzzled me a little was the part that asked for credentials in India. When you are not going to visit anyone, all you need to do is fill in your name, your accommodation, your adress and your number.

Discharge the visas. State Bank of India. You will then be asked whether you would like to use PayPal, your bank account or your payment method. We accept MasterCard and MasterCard for payment by banker. We accept Mastercard, Maestro and Mastercard for the payment of debits. Waiting for your visas! However, I completed my job interview on 17 May at 4 pm and got my visas the next morning at 9 am.

Visas are dual entries and 60-day validity! You can also use the visas within 120 working hours of issue. Acknowledge that your visas have been issued. You must make sure that the state of your visas has been issued before you travel. Please fill in your application ID and passport number on this page:

Indian visa status. Failing this, please e-mail the e-Visa Support Center at

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