Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Indian Nationals

Burmese visa on arrival for Indian nationals

For how long can Indian citizens stay in Myanmar? Note that Taiwanese nationals must meet the entry requirements for Malaysia. Myanmar without a visa: A day trip to Tamu (Tamu Travel Guide). Arrival port - Please enter the airport/seaport you wish to enter, e.g.

Mumbai. With Myanmar Travel Arrangements we can help you.

Visas for ordinary passports

1BelarusVisa not necessary for stays up to 5 nights. 2Belize (i) Indian citizens with a US visa may enter Belize without a visa for up to 30 consecutive nights (for unoccupied visits). Passportholders in India who have a long-term residency/employment authorisation for the United Kingdom or the Schengen area may NOT enter Belize without a visa.

Arrival visa for CambodiaDuration: Frequent visitors 30 day Usually for 30 additional working nights, renewable for another 30 working nights; Available at both airport and all BIP. 10EgyptGroup touristic visa on arrivalVisa is necessary to travel to Egypt. For groups from India, however, a visa can be applied for by your travel agent on arrival. Duration of the procedure is one to 10 working weeks.

16GuyanaVisa on arrival30 nights with a sponsors or host's welcome note; and sponsors, sponsors or hotels contacts; and two passportpictures. 19Indonesian visa on arrivalVisa on arrival for tourist use for 30 d. Choose the port of arrival. 22LaosVisa on arrivalVisa on arrival for 30 nights. Visas US$ 40/-.

Passports must be 6-monthly. Touristic visa is renewable by a processing charge of US$ 3/- plus a tax of US$ 2.5 per person per night. 25National Indian nationals must obtain a visa from their mission in Delhi before arriving in India. As an alternative, someone residing in Malawi or a third party can contact the Chief Immigration Officer for someone in India, pay dues and request a visa.

If this is the case, the individual from India or a third party can present these documents and will receive a visa upon entry. It is not therefore a "visa upon entry" in the true meaning of the word. No Mauritius visa requiredMaximum 60 working day after presentation of your flight-journal. If necessary, it can be renewed by the passport and immigration authorities for a few additional working nights.

31Mexico (i) Indian national holding a US visa may enter Mexico for up to 180 consecutive visa-free periods (for out-of-work visits). Allow up to 180 visa -free nights (for non-employed visitors) for Indian passports with a long-term resident status in the United Kingdom or Schengen area. Passportholders from India holding a work visa for the United Kingdom or the Schengen area may NOT enter Mexico without a visa.

35Nepal Freedom of the MovementIndian nationals can enjoy freedom to move and work in Nepal under the conditions of the Indo-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1950. 37Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required30 day visa will be issued on arrival. A visa is necessary for visiting the country for studies or work. Breakfast at 43SeychellesVisitor's card on arrival1 mon. passports for 6 moths; round-trip tickets; adequate means for the duration of your visit and hotel accomodation necessary.

44SomaliaVisa on arrival30 working day, provided a sponsors notice of hospitality has been sent to the airport immigration office at least 2 working nights prior to arrival. 46Suriname Tourist Ticket on arrival90 day; available at Johannes Adolf Pengel International Airport. 47TanzaniaAt arrival visaAt arrival visaAt arrival visa is available, except for workvisa. One-ticket for 90 nights $ 50/-.

US$250/- commercial visa charge with sponsor's letters of invit. 14 day visa $ 30. Obtainable at marked entrances. 48ThailandVisa on arrival15 day. The visa charge of 1000 Thai Baht must be payed in Thai money. The visa must be applied for on arrival at the first point of entry/landing and not at the final destination.

54UgandaVisa on arrivalimmigration officers are the last resort for decision on length and limitations. 4Côte d'Ivoire3 month; eVisa holder must travel via Port Bouet airport. 5GabonElectronic visa holder must enter Libreville International Airport. 6 90-day georgiabis. No visa is necessary for visa or residency permits holder from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, Schengen and GCC states.

8Myanmar28 jours. Electronic visa holder must be arriving via Yangon, Nay Pyi TaworMandalayairports. 11São Tomé and PrincipeHolders of visas granted by the United States or a Member State of the Schengen area do not need a visa for a stay of up to 15 day. It is recommended that Indian citizens wishing to visit another country compare this information with the foreign embassy/consulate in India or the Indian embassy/consulate abroad.

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