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Burma Arrival Visa

General Terms and Conditions for VISA ON ARRIVAL. They must leave the country and return with a new visa. To welcome more and more visitors to Myanmar, the government of the country has granted visa exemption for Myanmar. Foreign Embassy in Myanmar (Burma) or Vietnam Embassy in another country. In the following you will find some information about visas for these countries.

2018:Complete list of visa-free countries for Philippine passport holders

But that doesn't mean we can't tour the globe. Visas are certainly not the only mystery we have to resolve if we want to go. Cash, work and other private motives join the declining ship of hopes to go. But, hey, at least we're one inch nearer to the beautiful place we are.

For Philippine citizens, these visas-free travel destinations are a great way to begin your journey around the globe, even one by one! We have over 60 Philippine pass owners that we can see. Do you have any question about visa-free travel for Philippine citizens, please do not hesitate to do so.

lndia - 30 day e-Visa MUST be applied for - click here! Turkey- 30 day (single entry), MUST get an eVisa (ONLY if you have a legal Schengen or Irish, UK and US visa) - (your full Turkey Guide ) - Request here! Did you know that you need to take out tourist health cover before applying for a Schengen visas?

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Burma Immigration - Who is it? To welcome more and more people to Myanmar, the government of the country has granted Myanmar exemptions. Travellers from exempt from visas are permitted to travel to Myanmar without a valid entry permit for a certain length of year. Before completing the Myanmar Applicant Form, please verify whether or not you need a Myanmar visas.

If you wish to remain longer in Myanmar, you will need a Myanmar visas. If you are a Myanmar resident, for example, you can remain in Myanmar without a 14-day visas, but if you want to remain in Myanmar for 20 nights, you must obtain a prior visas.

This is the country or region that is exempt from the requirement for 14 days: Please note: If you are on the Myanmar exemptions register, e.g. Vietnam Pass holders, you will certainly be able to travel and reside in Myanmar for 14 consecutive 14 day stays for more than 14 day stays, e.g. 40 day stays, but you will need to request a Myanmar entry and residency permit.

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