Myanmar Visa on Arrival Cost

Burma Visa On Arrival Costs

Type of visa, fees, duration, online/embassy. She was almost turned down by the immigration officer at the airport. Laos Visa costs depend on your passport. Apply for visas for Vietnam and Myanmar before departure. The requirements vary depending on the location.

Lao Visa

Lao's visa is easily obtained upon arrival at all ports of destination, which include the most frequented three major ports of call Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse..... Costs for Lao visas depend on your identity card. If you are a US, UK or Europe national, the charge is $35.

The Cambodia visa can be requested at the port of arrival, whether you are travelling by plane or by overland. Immigration government will distribute the immigration applications upon arrival. From Phnompenh International Airports or Siem Reap International, it is so easy and only takes a few min. to get your visa.

There is a $30 US dollar charge for a 30-day visa (cash only). You can also get a Cambodia visa at the Poit PET crossing point to Thailand (if you are coming from Thailand). Cambodia could be reached from Vietnam via a few frontier gates: Visa fees are $33 US$ per person.

1- E-visa Online System is currently only available for tourists for tourist purposes. 2- You will need the following information when applying for a Myanmar visa: c) You will need your Visa, Master or American Express card to pay $50. a) The E-visa permit is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue.

Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. b ) The duration of your sojourn is ( (28) from the day of your arrival in Myanmar. If you are not covered by the E-visa policy. Allow up to (3) business day work. 5- E-Visa is currently only available to tourists wishing to enter Myanmar.

Please contact an Embassy in your home state if you would like to submit an application for professional use, a meeting or a seminar. 6- - During your visit, visitors must spend the night in listed accommodation, guesthouses, motels and resorts. If you are travelling on a visa, it is necessary to obtain a visa. 8 - Electric visa is limited to one time only. A new visa is required for re-entry.

Currently, e-visa travelers are only allowed to arrive at Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Aiport and Mandalay International Airport. We' ll announce more ports of arrival in due course. If you are travelling to Myanmar on a luxury yacht charter, please consult Myanmar Travel's agent for a pre-arrangement visa upon arrival.

It is not possible to travel to Myanmar on the e-visa. If you are not cleared, you can go back on the same plane. 13 - Passport holders from the following and Taiwan can request an e-visa: 14 - The following (32) visa holders can request an e-visa from 02.01.2015: pfembassies of myanmar abroad. 22 arcana street, yarralua canberra a.c.t. 2600, australia.

In general, a non-Swiss national wishing to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand is obliged to obtain a visa from the Royal Thai Embassy or a visa upon arrival. Citizens of certain states do not need a visa if they fulfil the following conditions for visa exemption: You have to obtain a visa before entering Thailand.

For most Vietnamese tourists a visa is needed. - to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos (30 days visa). - Burnout, Myanmar (14 days visa). - Phillipine Islands (21 days visa). - For Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Denmark and Finland (15-day visa; requires a minimum 6-month visa and a 30-day break between two entries).

  • the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain (15 visa period, expiring 30 June 2017). - The 15-day Belarus visa is effective until 30 June 2020. - Zhirgistan (30 official visa). - Cilean citizens with diplomats' passport are exempted from the visa requirement (90 days).
  • Congolese and North Korean citizens with regular passes that are" approved for government affairs" do not need a visa for Vietnam. - A-Pacific Business Travel Card (ABTC) members from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries are exempt from visa and visa requirements for up to 30 consecutive nights within 60 consecutive business year.

Aliens and citizens of Vietnam with alien ID cards who cross an entry point to Vietnam and then arrive and remain in Phu Quoc Iceland for less than 30 nights are also exempt. Upon arrival on the Isle of Phu Quoc, the local migration office is in charge of the issuance of visas directly on the ground if the visitor wishes to visit other places or if he/she wishes to remain on the Isle for more than 15 nights.

Vietnam's visa exemption policies are suitable for visa applicants from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Accordingly, they from these lands may currently only remain in Vietnam for 15 and at least 30 working nights if you wish to submit an application for the next list.

If citizens from these states ( (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) wish to remain in Vietnam for more than 15 or more than once in less than 30 nights, you should request a one-time visa with a 30-day validity or a multiple-entry visa.

Handling fee: 1 - One months visa: 15 US$. 2- One-months multiple entrance visa: Remark: - The above tariff does not include the visa charge to be payed to immigrant officials at the arrival airport: 25 US$ one way or 50 US$ multiple use. Travel Vietnam's Visa Service: Travellers with Travel Vietnam get a free visa approval letter to make their journey a little bit simpler!

As soon as you have obtained your visa approval letter, you have two possibilities to obtain your Vietnam visa: In order to conserve your immigration hours, please fill in and complete the VISA form. Optional 1: Take your Vietnam visa approval letter and get the visa stamps at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your home state.

Optional 2: Get your visa upon arrival at the Vietnam International Airports. A visa upon arrival is the simplest way, especially if you are under pressure of your own schedule or have no Vietnamese embassies in your area. Simply provide a copy of your visa application (you may need to show this when boarding the aircraft) and a photograph of your visa.

On arrival in Vietnam, show these documents at the Visa on Arrival desk and collect the stamps: 25 US$ for individual bookings (

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