Myanmar Visa on Arrival Application Form

Burmese visa on entry

Specify the type of visa you require. The application forms are available free of charge at the visa counter. Burma Visa for Sri Lanka Application Form. When you need a visa for your trip to Burma, the travel agency can help you. For the online application the following documents are required:

Visas re-introduced on 1 June

Touroperators might soon be eligible for an immigration visas soon, a Senior Department of Immigration and Population officials said last weeks, with travelers being able to make the June 1 facility accessible. Under the auspices of U Maung Maung Maung Than, general manager of the Ministry's Department of Immigration and National Registration, businessmen, participants of conferences and workshops and those in transit from 27 different nations can now obtain visas upon their arrivals.

There is a 70-day corporate license for $50, a 28-day meeting, workshop and event entrance fee for $40. 24-hour through-crossing visas cost $20. At the moment, he said, the international airports are not in a position to extend the simple visas system to include tourism. "We receive about 1500 visits a days.

Yangon International Airport's ability to welcome and administer the large number of passengers we see does not allow us to incorporate tourism viz. However, we will be extending this services to tourism visa in the near future," he said. Guests must have a valid Myanmar valid for at least six month from the date of arrival and must provide two recent (4cm x 6cm) color photographs.

Visitor who do not stay longer than 90 nights on a visitor's permit must purchase $3 per night, while those who stay longer than 90 nights in the U.S. must purchase $5 per out-of-date. "He added that commercial Visas can be renewed on the advice of the relevant Minister.

Even on a first official visit, a written notice of invitations from the sponsor organisation is necessary, an extension of the visit is not possible. If he or she works in Myanmar, it will be necessary to submit a copy of the companies registry, trade licence or proof of trade permit from the relevant ministry together with the request.

Applicants must also include information about their place of work, as well as the name and job title of the sponsors in their company. Visa holders must present a written notice of invitations from the competent ministries if they wish to participate in sessions, work shops, events as well as festivities.

No applicant may work with or without pay outside the occupation specified on the applicant's form. Candidates must also provide the name and adress of the hotels or pensions where they will be staying for the period of their sojourn. You can apply for visas at the immigration office, Myanmar airline companies or on-line at the Ministry's website (

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