Myanmar Visa on Arrival 2014

Burma Visa upon arrival 2014

We have a company number of 25FC /2013-2014. Myanmar (Burma) Travel TipsFebruary 17, 2013In "Travel Tips". No visa can be obtained upon arrival as a UK tourist. The eVisa system was introduced in Myanmar on 1 September 2014. Myanmar's government reintroduced the visa upon arrival in Myanmar.

NOT a visa on arrival for visitors - 2014 - Myanmar Forum

On January 3, 2014, we were in Myanmar. 3 weeeks before my aunt left, you don't need VOA? I' d been planning our journey for over a year, used a Myanmar based tour operator and somehow failed to make this one. Myanmar our Myanmar based tour operator has asked for us and hastened.

One more last minutes hindrance, because my wife's pass expires 3 month after ours. Now we were less than 2 wards before departure and a permit for a touristic visa lasts 2 wards! Our was carried out within 1 weekend against payment of a charge and exhibited the night before our departure!

We have been asked by a number of Brazilian carriers to review our visa application before embarking in Chicago. Perhaps we used the same agency? You thought I knew about the visa regulations. Thought VOA means we can compete on arrival at the airfield, just like any other place we've been to. Items like yours with the words " NO " in capitals is what attracts the attention of those who plan a journey to Myanmar, who might otherwise have no idea how severe the immigration into the state is.

Burma Pre-determined Visa on Arrival Break 10 -16/3 - Myanmar Message Board

Only a brief upgrade for those planning to request a pre-arranged visa on arrival from March 10-16, 2014 that Myanmar Immigration no longer receives an immigration request to make changes. Hello Santiago, The process you mention is exactly what with the call Visa on Arrival (VOA) for tourists.

Try your best to submit your application through the Embassy of Myanmar. Hello, I also need a visa for 2 persons for a journey from mid-April. You think it will be okay when you arrive at Yangon airport (I will have the paper, but I will not be with my "group" as we will probably be on different flights)?

Hello Mac2Max, Hello, thank you very much, given the unstable visa prearrangement laws and the risks of not finding a group/not receiving the mail in due course, we eventually canceled the trip and postponed it until next year. It' more secure to lose a little bit of cash by canceling your trip now than taking the chance to lose everything at Yangon airport.

Hello, I can see you're in Paris, it only took seven working day to get a visa. As soon as they had all my information and the prepayment, it took them maybe a whole weeks to email me everything I needed to get on the plane and to Myanmar. When you arrive at Myanmar International Airports, just obey their very easy instructions and you will get a visa in your visa, with which you will hand it over to the Myanmar officials in 15 minutes and then on your way.

I' ve not been in Paris for more than seven working nights. Since my pass is an important instrument for my work, I cannot just drop it off at an embassy without being sure that I have it for my next outing. Therefore I was interested in a previously agreed visa.

I also wanted to ask the embassy for a speedy trial, but the embassy of Myanmar in Paris is closing in April! Hello. The last contribution is another very good excuse to always have your pass with you.

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