Myanmar Visa on Arrival

Burma Visa on arrival

I came home last night from a few weeks in Myanmar. Through-visa ("Transitvisa" form available here). Documents required for the tourist visa on arrival are: We provide visas to India, Myanmar and Vietnam. On Arrival Visa Services for Business People.

Burma Visa on arrival

Now, the pre-arranged on-arrival visa is again available to all Myanmar residents. Many changes were made to the entry visa - first agreed in advance, then fully operational on the entry visa and then back to the "prepared visa". As migration policy is rapidly evolving, you should always discuss the latest trends with us before deciding on an "on arrival" visa.

Kindly be aware that this is only available at two major cities - Yangon (airport RGN) and Mandalay (airport MDL). From time to time the agencies will provide a visa cabin for those who arrive at Yangon on a ferry. It is available on arrival to any national with a current 6-month or longer pass.

However, it is strongly advised to apply for a regular Myanmar visa in your home state before you come to Myanmar if you are not sure if you are familiar with your true backgrounds or occupation, as the Myanmar government is very serious and will not hesitate to expel people who could cause problems in relation to your state.

On Arrival Visa Requirement *Note: All 18 points are mandatory. The visa application form must be sent at least two week before the arrival date. Upon receipt of the permit, we will notify the carrier that the entry visa has been cleared, allowing you to take the plane to Myanmar.

You will receive a copy of your entry permit, as the aviation authority can verify the documentation we have already obtained. As soon as you have arrived at Yangon International Airports, go to the visa desk on arrival in front of the immigrant office stands. Your immigrant official will verify the documentation we have and the visa will be included on your visa.

Eventually, go to the airports immigrant stands to verify your visa (and if necessary, like others).

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