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Sample passport home page (on the website at the time of application). The contents of this website are published, managed and maintained by the Ministry of Tourism. Burma Immigration Services Limited is a commercial website. You can apply for your eVisa on the official website of the Burmese Ministry of Immigration: http://evisa.moip. aspx. Use caution when using links in emails or other websites to access the official website.

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As well as our visa handling charges, visa applicants must pay a fee to the consular office and may incur a surcharge. Postage and packing and additional services are not included. A complete listing of charges can be found in your visa request. Working visa costs are higher due to their complexities.

In order to view the available turnaround time for your travel destinations and consulate charges, click on the Consulate charges and visa turnaround hours on the right.

Malaysia Official Visa

eENTRI for PRC and Indian nationals..... Please schedule your trip accordingly. eVISA for international students. From August 1, 2017, eVISA will be available for international students (IPTA / IPTS with university statute only) for the 10 admitted citizens. eVISA for expatriates from abroad. As of August 1, 2017, eVISA would be available for expatriates from abroad for the permitted 10 citizens.

eVISA multiple entry. As of August 1, 2017, Indian citizenship can be applied for Multiple Entry eVISA (MEV) worldwide outside Malaysia, with the exception of Singapore. People of PRC & India in North and Latin America. StriIankIan citizens in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka can submit an application for eVISA.

People of PRC & India in Sri Lanka. People of PRC & India in the UK and Europe. Chinese and Indian citizens in the Southeast Asian region. People of PRC & Indian nationality in the Oceania region. Nepalese citizens in Nepal. Nepalese living in Nepal can submit an application for eVISA.

Burma National in Myanmar. Myanmar citizens living in Myanmar can enroll in eVISA. Bangladesh citizens in Bangladesh. Bangladeshans living in Bangladesh can submit an application for eVISA. People from Bangladesh, Myanmar & Nepal. People of PRC & India in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

PRC nationals living in India and Indonesia can request an eVisa. Indian nationals living in India can request an eVisa. The Visa Waiver Program (eNTRI) for citizens of the PRC. The Visa Waiver Program (eNTRI) for citizens of the PRC. The eNTRI Visa Waiver Program for Indian nationals.

All eVISA applications in India now have to make a payment of INR 150. All Indian nationals who apply for support of NTRI will now have to contribute a $2.30 surcharge. For this reason, the live chat will be shut down on this date.

eVISA's licensing procedure will be continued as normal on 14 May 2018. Thanks a lot. eVISA app updates requirements: eVISA Malaysia accepts applications for international applicants who do not have a long-term passport in their home state. From 18 May 2018, eVISA Malaysia will allow official and commercial visits to Malaysia for international travel.

Upcoming: elVISA for Student and Expatriate is open to all nations. ElVISA system in the Consulate General Mumbai is under service. ElVISA system in the Consulate General Mumbai is currently under upkeep. The authorization and issue of iVISA will be resumed upon completion of system upkeep.

We kindly ask you to prepare your trip to Malaysia accordingly.

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