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Obviously I just wanted to update everyone on getting a visa through the NY Embassy as they have made some changes. The Myanmar consulate in New York. I visited the consulate in NYC today and they told me to come back in April to apply for the meditation visa. How do I get a Cuba visa in NYC? ""Apply for your visa here instead of in Bangkok.

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Hello, wanted an up-date for those who apply for a visa in New York. They are downloading and filling out a one-page visa application sheet. I' d seen on some previous thread that there was a working story fill request but there is no such request now. The visa charge is $20 per capita and they like to pay in cas.

Myanmar is on the Upper East Side at 777th Street between Madison and Fifth Ave. As soon as we have found the right house (the Obama and Kerry photo doors with Myanmar's guides), you just go in. So we sauntered to the windows, the visa inspector reviewed our papers and took our 20s and we were ready in 2 mins.

All in all, this must be one of the simplest visa applications procedures ever. One of the families does not reside in New York, she resides abroad and has a residence permit, but was in the city. Don't worry, they also accepted your resume.

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Obviously I just wanted to upgrade everyone on getting a visa through the NY Embassy as they have made some changes. It is necessary to fill in all the documents on the website completely. Also, you must have at least the route for your flight (I was able to use my AA confirmation), although they seem to favor the full route from your agents, they have processed our visa with the e-ticket voucher.

After all, in the past they only accept payment orders or confirmed cheques for the $20 visa fees, from 4.4.12. they now accept payment in cas. Took us a whole weekend to get our visas back. but no one picks up the telephone there and there's no way to get a living thing through the telephone menue.

There are 9-12 and 1-4 visa lessons. In the afternoons I left and picked up both of them. They' will give you a voucher as soon as you hand it in and you must have it to get your pass. Hopefully this will help anyone who needs a visa in New York, as the on-line electronic visa is not yet available.

They will also be shut next weekend (week of April 16) for the holidays.

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