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All I wanted to do was publish some up-to-date information about a visa for Burma (Myanmar) in Kuala Lumpur. On Myanmar Visa in Kuala Lumpur. Cambodian - Cambodian - East Timorese - Indonesian - Lao - Malaysian; Myanmar; Philippine - Singaporean - Thai - Vietnamese.

Embassy of Myanmar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Coming from KL Central Station, take Kelana Jaya Lrt to Ampang Park Station.

About Myanmar Visa in Kuala Lumpur

Updated - The opening of Burma seems to have caused a great deal of additional transport at the Myanmar embassy in KL - the area now looks like a grocery store with literally a hundred workmen awaiting to work on their ID. Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines still have a good place to get your Burma visa, and both Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines are flying directly to Yangon.

It is a strenuous walk from Ampang Park train stop to the Embassy, so take a cab - still RM 3.50 - from outside the train stop on the Macdonalds side opposite the Hotel Nikko. There is a visa section for foreign nationals at the Jln Ampang Hilir office, which is located on the right side of the door when you come in.

Your primary problem is to come back the next day to pick up your visa - no "while you wait" work. As of June the visa charge has risen to 110 million Swiss francs, but apparently the next night at 4 pm by default - allegedly no courier but always a questionable one.

Visas are available on arrivals, but at the present time it is reserved for corporate travelers and meeting topics and is US40. Apparently the services are developing, so best to test the latest demands.

Burma Visa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

But it was shut down for a Myanmar public day. I had to modify the plan to get a visa upon my return. Visas on arrivals is slightly more costly and will reset you 30 - 60 mins after your arrive, but was otherwise very uncomplicated, SO LONG AS YOU HAVE HAVE FREESH NOTES WITH YOU. 30-60 mins.

Costs were $30 in all-new, crunchy bills. CAUTION: Do not try to use dirty, stolen, wrinkled or slightly used music! Unfortunately I had only bought used banknotes and was almost stranded. At 15 min. a very nice pair queued (who had been careful) had some super clear, cool, uncirculated memos and swapped them for my used ones.

There are no exemptions for immigrant officials, and I do not think they mind being stranded there for long if any. Incidentally, boys who exchange cash (found near the Sule Paya on 31 st and Mahabandoola Rd) also wants to get clean grades, but very slightly less choosy than the immigrant officials.

Exit taxes of 10 US$ are also payable in the form of recent bank bills.

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