Myanmar Visa Irish Passport

Burma Visa Irish Passport

In case you are not sure which entry regulations apply to Burma/Myanmar, please contact your travel agent or the nearest Burma/Myanmar embassy or consulate. The passport must be valid at least six months after entry. The Myanmar Visa Service for Irish citizens residing in the United Kingdom. Holders of an Irish passport must apply for a visa before entering Ireland. Hello, I am travelling from Ireland to Myanmar in early November.

Myanmar Visa

The Myanmar Ministry of Tourism introduced a new e-visa filing system on September 1, 2014. In order to obtain an eVisa, your point of arrival must be either Yangon International Airport, Mandalay or Naypyidaw Airport. Please click here to fill in the registration sheet. For the on-line registration the following documentation is required:

Passport valid for at least 6 month after your stay. One visa or passport for the visa charge of US$50. Once you have paid and successfully applied for a job on line, please await a verification email which you should have received within one hours. We will process your request within 5 working hours.

In the event that your request is not accepted, the fee will not be reimbursed. When your request is accepted, an eVisa authorisation will be sent to you by e-mail. You will receive a one-time visa with a validity of 28 nights at the ticket office. At the moment the following nationals can request an eVisa.

Common passport holder from Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia can arrive in Myanmar without a visa for a maximum of 14 DAY. They will not be able to access Myanmar via the port on an e-visa. There is a processing charge of 25 for this services. It is the client's responsability to provide the right information in good and timely fashion to obtain a visa for the trip.

Clients may be denied access if a full and accurate visa request is not handled in a timely manner.

Burma Visa for Ireland Passport holders residing in the United Kingdom

Burmese Myanmar tourist visa for Irish nationals are electronically..... Genuine, autographed Irish passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 month on the day of your journey and must have at least one visa page free of marks. Identity photo: 1 Add a passport photograph with a blank backdrop taken within the last 6 month.

Or you can add a picture to your order so we can send it to you for printing. Travellers MUST use Myanmar in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay International Airport to obtain e-Visas. Otherwise, please use the Tourist Visa section. Prior visa. - Genuine Myanmar passport. Claimants must hand in their initial Myanmar passport.

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