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Burma Visa Government Website

Any Myanmar visa is valid for one entry only. Please note that the letter of approval is not a confirmed visa. Sites of the Ministry of Immigration and Population mm has declared.

You can apply for tourist and business visas online on the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar: For further questions regarding e-visa, please contact the e-visa website. Online electronic visa program for all PRC nationals to apply for a visa online.

eVisa Online Application

There is a $79 per person per month charge for the provision of high-value tourist and immigrant registration for natural and corporate persons, in excess of government charges of $50. We provide the following features of our expert travelling services: assisting with the Myanmar Republic's eVisa request, e-mailing information on visa applications and results, and ongoing help.

Application for a Myanmar eVisa Online 2018

Are you travelling to Myanmar and would like to request your Myanmar eVisa now? Obtaining a visa for Myanmar is so simple in 2018. We' ve just got back from our first journey to Myanmar and got our visa on-line and here is how to do it! Prior to travelling to Myanmar, please review the visa requirements for your country.

We' re US nationals and had to get a Myanmar visa on-line before our trip. Here we have requested a Myanmar visa on-line and were granted within 3 workdays. There is a resizing utility on the application's website for digital colour photographs, the picture must be resized or the photograph is warped.

If you have a visa, the airlines or migration authorities may refuse to grant you a visa if you cannot do so. Nearly all international visitors need a visa to get to Myanmar. The following nationals are the only ones who can arrive in Myanmar without a visa: Click here for a full listing of eligible Myanmar eVisa states.

Please note: There is no guarantee that your Myanmar visa will be accepted and if it is not accepted, the visa fees will not be refundĀ . The visa was payed on-line with our debit cards and we received a copy of our visa by e-mail. Be sure to make one or two copies of your Myanmar entry visa.

Visas are required at check-in at Chiang Mai International Airports. Also we had to present our Myanmar e-visa at Mandalay International Airports. While we were never asked to show our e-visa again, we had the additional specimens available if necessary. At the moment you can take an e-visa to Myanmar and arrive from the following locations:

eVisa is only applicable to the above mentioned points of access. When entering from another China, India or other Thai crossing point, your visa will not allow access to Myanmar. For how long is a Myanmar visa for? Burmese eVisas are effective 90 day from date of issue. However, the eVisa is only for a 28-day period and is unique.

So, if you are planning to spend 2 week in Myanmar and then 2 week in Thailand but want to go back to Myanmar, you will need to request another Myanmar visa on your way back. You can extend your visa if you wish to remain in Myanmar for more than 28 nights, see below.

It is possible to extend your visa if you are falling in love with Myanmar and want to stay more than 28 nights. You would apply for a visa renewal in advanced in other counties such as Thailand, but in Myanmar you only overtime. A stay in Myanmar costs $3 per night.

In contrast to Thailand, which requires 500 Baht per night for long stays. You will see a notice for "Immigration Over Stay" at the airport where you will have to cover the surcharge. You' ll put an overdraft stamps in your passports, don't fear, it's not a big deal like in other states.

I' m informed that you can also do the overdraft charge at the border, but you were not there in person to see this. Please note: While travelling through Myanmar, your visa has an expiry date that has passed, and some inns do not allow you to remain there with an elapsed visa.

They' re worried about getting into difficulties with the government because the properties are very rule-compliant. They can try to tell them that you exceed the Myanmar visa and pay the charge on departure. Burma is an astonishing land and one that we encourage travellers to reach before later.

Burma is rapidly evolving and we felt that our 2017 journey was a few years too lat. We' d like to go to Myanmar 10 years ago.

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