Myanmar Visa for us Citizens

Burmese visa for us citizens

For more information, please see our section on visa requirements for your specific visa type (business, tourist, etc.). Requirement, information, documents and fees for normal or urgent Myanmar visa processing for U.S. and international citizens.

VISAS FOR US CITIZENS. Mozambican detailed visa requirements, application. An order from a U.S. POST OFFICE issued to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar for the consular fees listed below (Please leave the address blank.

Applications, requirements. Applying for a Burma visa online

NATIONAL PURPOSE OF TRAVEL VISA REQUIRED? NOTE FOR BURMA VISA: Visa applications with an adress in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey must be submitted to the Myanmar NYC Embassy. If you have an adress in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon or Washington, you have to go to the Myanmar Los Angeles Embassy.

BAUSINESS VISAS bausiness visas requirments: An invitation from the Myanmar hosting is now necessary. Commercial Brief - Create a commercial brief now and put it on your corporate briefhead. The handling charge is calculated per individual and per type of visas according to the "Required date". 10+ working day standard processing: Accelerated turnaround time 4-9 workdays:? 1-3 working day emergencies:

Visas Requirement Forms, Requirement and Instructions

As well as our handling charges, consular services may be charged for your application. Postage and packing and additional services are not included. A complete listing of charges can be found in your request for a student visas. Working vizas have higher servicing charges due to their complexities.

In order to view the available turnaround time for your travel destinations and consulate charges, click on the Consulate charges and visa turnaround hours on the right.

Burma Visa, Myanmar Tourist Visa, Myanmar Business Visa

Visitors must have a US Citizen's ID card which will not be valid for the next six month from the date of the request..... An empty page is necessary for the immigration postmark. Applicants must also complete a "Work History" sheet. Applicants must enclose a photograph with each empty photobox filled in requesting a photograph.

Applicants must also provide a route or air ticket to and from Myanmar. Please also enclose a stamped cover for the edited visas, which will be sent by post. There is a $40 USD US dollar tax for applicants who are paid by payment order to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar.

Twenty-eight nights without extension is permitted for visitors. The touristic visas are 3 month and cannot be refunded or extended. It will take about 6 working hours to process a standard touristic permit. Travellers must have a U.S. Citizenship Card, which is issued for 6 month and contains empty pages for postage stamp.

Applicants must also complete a "Work History" application document. Visas may remain for 10 consecutive week, but a multiple-trip commercial entry can be applied for for a $200USD administration charge. Transaction visas are 3 month and cannot be extended. MJEV, 6 month and 1 year can be purchased for $400 and $600, respectively.

The turnaround can take up to 6 workdays. It may take longer to complete this application than other types of visas. Requests must obtain a Myanmar Meditation Visas 3 month in advanced to obtain permission from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. In order to actually handle the application, the application must be accompanied by the application of the initial document, which is for the next six month, a stamped personal address and a $50USD handling charge to be paid by postal order to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar.

The owner of a medication visum may remain 3 month and the visum is 3 month from the date of issuance. You can also get a multi-pass for $150 (3 months), $300 (6 months) and $450 (1 year). It can take up to 6 working hours. Candidates must also send a message to the Ambassador and a sponsorship message from the center.

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