Myanmar Visa for Japanese

Burma Visa for Japanese

Getting a Myanmar visa in Tokyo, Japan is easy and convenient. Burma visa and entry requirements for Japanese passport holders. No need to travel to the Myanmar embassy and a passport photo studio. Viet Nam Visa: the essential guide for travelers to Viet Nam - Japan Visa: Myanmar citizens resident in Singapore.

Burma Business Visa for Japanese

Japan has been the most enthusiastic since Myanmar switched course in 2010. Japan has pushed ahead with investment in Myanmar. The Thiwala SEZ is an example of commercial relations between two states. The Myanmar government has opened a quick conduit for Japanese businesses to set foot in their land for commercial purposes.

1 ) Submission to the Embassy of Myanmar in Tokyo: In order to do this, please complete an enrolment request sheet, your visa, photographs, booking documents, invitations, company registrations of the host firm and hand it in to the Embassy of Myanmar in Tokyo. 2 ) Send your resume online: You' re about to enter all the information as in your pass, 01 photograph and scan picture of the invitational and business registering letters of the hosting firm with our on-line system.

You can get your visa within 1 - 3 working day. WHICH ARE THE CONDITIONS FOR AN ON-LINE VISA FOR BUSINESSES? An on-line visa only allows you to travel to Myanmar via airport: In case you are hosting from the hosting firm, please provide further information. We' ll help you make free air travel a welcome government policy.

The on-line visa is non-renewable. They may remain in Myanmar for up to 70 nights. You will be billed when you leave the apartment if you are staying longer. An embassy of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population can help you to renew your visa on-line.

For a long period of residence, please ask for a visa at our German ambassadors. There' s an optional 6-month business visa.

What is the best way to get a Myanmar visa in Tokyo, Japan?

What is the procedure for obtaining a Myanmar visa in Tokyo, Japan? For Japanese nationals, a visa waiver is available for a 15-day period, which means that you can arrive and reside in Myanmar within 15 working nights. But if you want to remain longer or you are simply not a Japanese holder, you have 2 ways to get a visa for Myanmar in Tokyo:

Firstly, a direct visit to the Myanmar Mission in Tokyo to have your Myanmar visa validated here. Please find below the Myanmar Consulate in Tokyo as a reference: On the other hand, it is less expensive and simpler to obtain the Myanmar visa online upon your arrivals in order to stamp the visa at the destination airports.

Myanmar visa permit fees are only $19.5, stamp duty is $25 or $50 (paid directly to immigration officials at the destination airport) and it takes only 1 or 2 business day to process. Please click here to see how Myanmar Visa works online.

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