Myanmar Visa for Indians on Arrival

Burma visa for Indians on arrival

Passengers should note that the visa is more convenient and less time-consuming on entry. Yes, you need a VISA, it's a pretty simple process for Indians. Insurance can be taken out on arrival at Minsk National Airport. THE CRITERIA TO APPLY FOR A VISA TO MYANMAR. Obtain a visa in your passport from the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok.

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  • Whole Name, as stated in the Myanmar Citizen's Identity Card, - Sex, - Father's name, - National origin, - Citizenship, faith, - Identity number, date of issuance, date of birthday, place of delivery, profession, home adress, - Aim of the visit to Myanmar, - Date of arrival, flying number and a photograph (a photograph can be scanned).

VOA authorization form and two passports. 1 ) The best application period is one months before the arrival date. 2 ) You can submit your application to the myanmar consulate in indonesia or through a VOA agent. Please find in Myanmar with this term "myanmar touristic visa" and find a dependable traveler.

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Since June 1, 2012, Myanmar has issued a visa to citizens of 27 nations, which includes America, upon arrival at Yangon Aiport. It should facilitate support for their visa requirements and promote the development of travel. However, the issue is that this does not seem to apply to touristic visa or at least to those visitors who have contact with an ambassador or consular office in their own state.

May 31, NAY PYI TAW - As of June 1, 2012, an immigration visa will be available at Yangon International Airport for the trouble-free arrival of companies wishing to invest in Myanmar, people coming from non-Myanmar embassies and those who do not have much in the way to apply for a visa at the embassies of their own country.

Visa handling is carried out by the Immigration Commission under the control of the Immigration and Population Authority. On arrival, the visa is classified into three categories - a commercial visa with a 70-day charge of $50, an entrance visa with a 28-day charge of $40, and a 24 hour visa with a 20-day charge of $20.

ASEAN, China, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA, a total of 26 eligible states. Additional information on the entry visa is published on the Ministry's website mm and circulated to airline companies and foreign missions.

I am waiting for information from the field to see if they will actually issue tourism visa. My visa was received at the embassy within 3/4 working day. There is a visa at the arrival desk at the international airports, but NOT for tourism visa and only for commercial use.

While in Yangon I was reading an articel in the paper, which clearly states that this desk can only handle transaction visa or transaction visa. It states that currently about 1,500 passengers are arriving at Yangon International Airports every single workingday but have not yet been issued with the necessary equipment to handle such a large number of them.

Before the trip I received my visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore. By the way, while we were awaiting departure, we saw some men (I suppose, businessmen) trying to get their visa upon arrival at the desk, and it didn't look like an ordinary trial.

But all the signposts at the airports clearly say that you should not be late if all your papers are in order - and I thought that was perfectly right. Visa on arrival is for new business visa on arrival and for travelers on MIA from Cambodia and China.

These two MIA arrivals can give you a visa upon arrival as a traveler, but there are also histories of those who are rejected. There were so many enthusiastic about Burma reintroducing a VOA - and the first reports in the newspapers showed that it was for the tourism industry as well - and were frustrated that it was only for Biz-visa.

Given the advances currently being made in Myanmar, I think it is only a question of when the VOA for tourist-run. What was the visa procedure like at the Lynne visa office? For travelers from Singapore to Myanmar, where you can cut costs on the two journeys to the city.

LJT, this website is for a pre-approved visa, just like the sites of various Burmese tourist agents that provide pre-approved viz. authorizations. The cost is 3x-4x as much as a visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore. Individuals can apply for a visa by post at the closest embassy in Myanmar.

I' ve just got back from Myanmar and without a visa, Bangkok Air won't let you on the airplane. As I believe "visa on arrival" means that you have authorised the visa but will collect it on arrival at the Aiport. Costs $89pp US dollars to rent to obtain a visa upon arrival.

As soon as the visa is cleared, you must make a return trip (we accepted appointments - we indicated provisional airfares and hotel accommodation until we knew that the visa was cleared. Only really important date is your arrival date) to show the agent.

Please make sure that the visa confirmation sheet contains the proper notation, womenswear and pass number before you travel from your home state. This will ensure that you have no problems getting in. A representative of the agent in Anglo-Saxon language was at the airfield to accompany us through the trial, accompanied us through custom and found a taxid.

Take a card of Myanmar at the airfield, it's a good one. For more information, please see,, it's the website I consider amusing it has hints and awards for Myanmar. "Visas on Arrival" means that you can book a trip to the Philippines and buy a visa when you reach the international airports without having to book in advance.

There is no visa for Myanmar's tourist. Except for two Myanmar Air International services, one from China, one from Cambodia, no airlines will allow you to fly without a visa or a pre-approved visa deed. The preapproved visa will cost more than 3 times as much as a visa in the country from the host country.

On arrival I got a visa for the tourist industry. The work was completed in 3 working nights, and a friendly English-speaking woman was standing at the door to give me the visa on arrival. Brad, what you got was a prearranged visa, no visa on arrival. Prepared visa have been available for many years.

We had a short (month-long) session during which it was possible to get a genuine visa upon arrival. If you are arriving from Cambodia or China with Myanmar Air International, it is still possible to get a visa. In this case, however, you are the one who is puzzled, probably because you did not know that "visa on arrival" means something very special.

You' re probably right that'visa on entry' has a certain statutory meaning. This is what the operatives call a visa on arrival, probably a technical inaccuracy. When I looked at my papers, they gave me a visa authorization and worked on the visa upon arrival at the Aiport. You can stay in Myanmar without a visa with only a few working day's advance notification.

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