Myanmar Visa for Indian Nationals

Burma visa for Indian nationals

Apply for a business visa to Myanmar (Burma) from India. citizens of Myanmar residing in the United States of America. To Indian citizens living in India. Arrival Dubai visa for Indians is the best thing that can happen to Indian travellers who have always wanted to explore this Arabian jewel. Citizens of India with a residence permit issued by Germany.

Kathmandu Indian Visa, quick and secure

We' ve reached Kathmandu and are prepared to stay in the hills. Most of our first weeks were spent getting our Indian tourism visa. Getting an Indian visa in Kathmandu is relatively easy, red tape, 7 working day long and involves 3 trips to the Indian Ambassador in Kathmandu.

When you visit India for less than 60 working day, you can do this on-line and it will take less than 72 h. If you are applying for an e-visa for India, you can do so on the government's website, no less than 5 working nights and no more than 30 working nights before the date of your trip.

But if you use an agents like iVisa, you can always submit an application so you don't have to be worried about losing it and your visa will be handled and sent to you within just 18hrs. The plaque at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu describes the procedure for getting an Indian visa.

Before you do anything, you must fill out the on-line website, printout and subscribe to it the first time you plan to be there. That is the most difficult part because Nepal has common blackouts and the search for trustworthy web in Kathmandu is a small one.

Dependable web access is needed because the Indian Embassy website is very sluggish and often crash-in. You can find the registration page on the Indian Embassy website here (with Chrome or IE). IN THE Indian Embassy: The first time you will be at the visa centre of the Indian Embassy is a visit:

There are a number of useful agents next to the embassy who can help you with the photographs and photocopies of your visa and visa to Bangladesh for a small one. You are advised to take the pictures as the necessary sizes for the Indian visa are much bigger than a regular photograph.

Visas are issued at the Indian Visa Service Centre, 296 Kapurdhara Marg, Kathmandu (next to the Embassy of India, Kathmandu). Visas are available Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon: Your date for your number 2 trip will be confirmed at the ticket office with your pass - usually within 5 working day.

Notice - The Indian Embassy is closing on Indian and not Nepali bank holiday. Here is the 2014 Indian Holiday Orientation List: Visa fees are around 30-40 for most jurisdictions except the UK, where 14,150 Nepali rupiahs (around £88/$137) are charged: You will be back after five working day (or the date of your first visit) with your visa and your residency/pass.

Normally you will be asked to come back the next morning between 5.00 and 5.30 pm to pick up your visa and one. On the next working days after your second trip, at 17-17:30, you come to pick up your pass and your visa and Voilà, you have the release for India (we received 3 months): The Thamel is the touristic center of Kathmandu, so you won't have a hard time of it.

In order to be as near as possible to the Indian Ambassador, we suggest you spend the night in a guesthouse or guesthouse just outside Thamel. See more of our trip to Nepal in our fantastic video:

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