Myanmar Visa for Indian

Burma Visa for Indians

The Embassy of Myanmar in India is a communication office between the Government of Myanmar and India. Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi, India . Locate hotels near Embassy of India, Myanmar online. Myanmar visa is not included in the list of exempt countries for Myanmar visa, therefore Myanmar visa is required. Many of Myanmar's entry points allow you to obtain an e-visa online, but not for the borders between India and Myanmar.

Burmese citizens are beginning to benefit from visa waiver for a visit to India - Xinhua

YANGON, September 29 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar citizens have begun to benefit from the visa waiver for India, which has been in force since Monday, the Chinese Voice Daily said on Friday, citing a Bodh Gaya Pilgrim Working Group. Visa waivers were communicated to the Comitee by the Indian Embassy in Myanmar and the notices were circulated to all pilgrim organizations, said U Khin Maung Myint, Deputy Chair of the Comitee.

Liberation came after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to Myanmar at the beginning of the months, during which India provided Myanmar citizens with free visas in all visa classes except the e-visa. In 2016, according to the 2016 statistic, some 30,000 Myanmar pilgrims came to India, in particular Bodh Gaya, a place of worship and a place of worship linked to the Mahabodhi temple complex in the Gaya county of the Indian state of Bihar.

Embassy of Myanmar in India

The Embassy of Myanmar in India is a communications agency between the Government of Myanmar and India. She is the Myanmar's legal agent in India. Below you will find important information about the Myanmar Embassy for India and how to obtain your Myanmar visa: Indian nationals or resident may select one of the following three ways to obtain a Myanmar visa:

  • First, please directly request and get your Myanmar visa at the Myanmar Embassy in INDIA at the above adress. - Second, request Myanmar e-visa for timesaving. This way you will receive a Myanmar visa before you leave for Myanmar so that you can collect your visa at the Aiport.

For a better understanding of how Myanmar e-Visa works and how you can get a visa more securely and quickly upon your arriving, please check out our visa processing section.

Myanmar added to Myanmar arrival list

Mumbai has introduced a Tourism Visa (TVOA) for 43 Indian destinations, among them Myanmar, the Indian Ambassador in Yangon heralded. To this end, a website has been set up, listing the process, together with the full listing of the 43 eligible states. People of Myanmar can now request a visa for tourists on-line - twice a year, each stay no longer than 30 nights, the visa is non-renewable, except in case of an emergency - which is issued by e-mail within 72h.

One of the purposes of visiting India can be ranging from touring, incidental trade visits, short-term health care to meeting buddies and family members who are message states. Applicants are required to take a printout of the e-mail and be able to fly to India via nine major Indian cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram.

This involves recording the visitor's biometrical information on arriving at the Aiport.

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