Myanmar Visa for Filipino

Burma Visa for Filipinos

Myanmar visa application, requirements for citizens of the Philippines. Tourist visas (tourist, business, etc.) from the Philippines to Myanmar. Filipino Myanmar Visa Application, Money Exchange, Communication and Entry/Exit. Philippinos do not need a visa to travel to Myanmar.

Philippine Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar .

Visa free travel to Myanmar for Filipinos possible as of January

MANILA, Philippines -- Filipinos will be able to travel to Myanmar without visas from the beginning of next year when the visa-free travel treaty between the Philippines and Myanmar comes into force, the Philippine Foreign Ministry (FDFA) said on Friday.} The treaty allows Philippine citizens with normal passes to travel to Myanmar without a visa and remain there for up to 14 nights from January 4 next year, the ministry said.

"It is anticipated that the visa-free travel treaty will stimulate travel, commerce and investments between the Philippines and Myanmar. On 5 December, during President U Thein Sein's state mission to the Philippines, the two countries initialled the visa exemption for holders of ordinary passports. Myanmar's citizens have already been given a 30-day visa-free visa under Executive Order 408, initialled in 1960.

Philippinos can travel to Myanmar for 14 and no visa required.

Under the new treaty between the Government of Myanmar and the Philippines, Myanmar citizens are permitted to enter Myanmar without a visa within 14 workingdays, which means that they will be on the visa waiver register for two consecutive years. This only applies to a 2 week period. For those who want to spend more than 2 week in the Dominican Republic, a sound visa is a must.

The Foreign Ministry said in a declaration that Philippine citizens with normal Passport can now travel to Myanmar without a visa and remain there for up to 14 nights, beginning January 4, 2013. 4 January is the effective date of the visa waiver treaty between the Philippine and Myanmar Government for passport holdersĀ .

President U Thein Sein visited the Philippines last 5 December to sign the treaty. This visa-free travel treaty aims to promote tourist, commercial and investments between the Philippines and Myanmar.

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