Myanmar Visa for American Citizens

Burmese Visa for American Citizens

Checking and validating the required additional information. Simply make sure you have a passport from one of the countries that are eligible to apply for an eVisa. Safe online application; tourist and business visas for Myanmar from Egypt. Tourist visas to Myanmar Egyptian citizens are electronic.

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You and your father can request any kind of visas for this kind of visas, as you are still close relative of the Burmese ex-citizen. There is no need to obtain a personal insurance if you do not want to. Both my husband and I are US nationals, but I was borne in Burma, and when we visited Burma we requested a welfare permit because we stayed with our families on part of our travels.

So you need a social visa if you want to sleep in a Myanmar home. You can apply for a tourist visa if you only spend the nights in a hotel. A further distinction is that you can renew the social visa, as I do not believe that you can renew the tourist visa.

One way or another, there should be no problems getting a visa (social or tourist visa). If you are applying, simply submit all necessary documentation with your residency paper.

S-1 Fiancé(e) Visa - Visas to America for Myanmar

Both the American Citizen and the Myanmar Citizen must intend to get married within 90 calendar days of the fiancé's US entry. Applicant must be a US citizen. Applicants and beneficiaries must have personally convened within two years of submission of the K-1 visas.

US citizens must satisfy minimal wage demands. Privileged persons must not have a previous conviction. Beneficiaries must undergo a physical examination in a U.S. consulate accredited hospital. The K-1 fiancé(e) is recommended for those who wish to marry immediately upon arriving in the United States.

Should you alter your opinion, the fiancé must depart within 90 days. Otherwise there is a serious issue in applying for another US entry permit. If you are planning to get remarried in Myanmar and then go to America, we recommend that you get remarried a few month before the job interview begins.

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