Myanmar Visa Fee for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh Myanmar Visa Fee

In Calcutta I understand that I can easily get the visa. You can also apply for a visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangladesh. Bangladesh visa fee for Myanmar citizens. It' is the biggest visa solution offer. Visas are required for India (Bangladeshi passport).

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Hello boys! starts a journey through India, then it goes for a few week to Bangladesh. In Calcutta I understand that I can get the visas easy. Then I' d like to go to Myanmar. I' ve no idea where I can get the visas. There' s the "Myanmar Embassy" in Dhaka, Bangladesh, can I have it done there?

If we always need a flight back before we can get the visas, thank you for your time! I' ll also be posting in the Bangladesh Forums, but there's not much action there! Please be aware that from Bangladesh to Myanmar you cannot only go from India to Yangon or to Bangkok.

When you go via Bangkok, it may be simpler for you to get your visa there - see top issues, right toolsbar. thanks! I' ll e-mail the message to see if it's simple from Dhaka! To do yourself a favour and posting in the Dornenbaum Forums - many good Bangla folks can give you advice. via Kunming.

As I said, if you are reading correctly, I have also post the news on the Bangladesh forums, but it is much more lively here. Thanks, I didn't mean the Bangladesh Forums here ón a tripadviser, but Lone Earth have a travels forums call "Thorn Tree" and they give some collection great advice. ok Cheers help ón!

Only a hint that the embassy of Myanmar in Bangladesh is not known for promptness and good services. You can keep your pass for a few nights and you will need it to stay in a hotel when you are travelling away from Dhaka - so if you do so, allow a little more in Dhaka for your visas and strolling around, it may not be as fast as in Bangkok.

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