Myanmar Visa Extension

Burma Visa Extension

The Myanmar visa extension is performed when your visa expires, or in other words, if you need to stay longer than the duration of your current visa. Preparing to apply for a China visa? What do I need to do to renew my current Chinese visa? Overdraft fees and visa extensions: Visa and residence extensions are issued free of charge.

Renewal of visa - Myanmar Forum

I' d like to be in Myanmar for seven-week. What do I need to do to renew my tourist visa? Has anyone been overdragging for three consecutive week and has that caused any problems? One time I met a pretty little chick who was in the MTT Mandalay offices for several month and got her visa renewed, I have no particulars and that was a few years ago.

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Renewal of visa - Myanmar Forum

How and where can I get a visa extension after my 28th day and what is the cost? Things are many threads on this topic (use up seek function) but in a nut bowl you can get away with a few day away ├╝berstay by paying a $3pp penalty on departures, but be aware that hotels/guest homes are banned to rooms to visitors without leaving a visa in force in the date.

Somebody from this board also sent me a PM and said they remained regular about and let most of the hotels remain you with outdated visa. We are now in Myanmar and plan to take a connection to BKK-BNE from Ngapali-Yangon on our visa number 29 th on.

Do we probably have a problem with the domestic flights or can we afford the extension in Ngapali? I' m back from Myanmar in December, we got 7 extra working nights, at Yangon International we went to the overseas section after check-in and payed 3 US$ a night, no problem, no questions, they were very friendly people in the offices, so don't be worried.

On the same trip we made with the same visa and they took our passports with them on their way to and from the airport without any problems. Do you have a place to apply for an extension? I' ve been reading somewhere that it was possible to get a two-week extension. Overtime will be punishable by a fine of $3 per person per working hour, to be paid at the desk on the leftside just before the check.

Reading " was probably not a touristic extension.

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